…and it tastes so good.

This past Saturday was the T.J. “Bose” Tanner Reunion. As promised, I slaved away to deliver several late-night, back-breaking, made-from-scratch dishes. I was not alone in this home-cooked effort. I was pleasantly surprised to see tons of home cooked dishes and only a few store bought selections. Way to go Tanner Family!  To give you all a little giggle, I took some pictures of Saturday’s culprits. (You know who you are, but we love you anyway.)
In true Southern fashion I made hand-rolled chicken and dumplins’. I have to say the broth turned out excellent this time around and I was even able to pick up a few extra dumplin’ makin’ tips from Mema.  She taught me to roll the dumplins’ super thin. (I mean SUPER thin, they were almost transparent.) She told me Papa’s Aunt Ola Maude use to make them super thin and always placed them in the refrigerator to dry out even more.  This yields a tougher dumplin’ that will hold together in the boiling broth.
The real taste test for these dumplins’ came when they were placed on the serving table of the reunion.  Those people have seen some serious eatin’ and have tasted the best of the best. While eating, I heard Uncle Ralph, the eldest of Mema’s six siblings, ask “Who made the dumplins’?” I think he was quite surprised to find that such a young family cook packed so much flavor in one pot! (blush) He is married to one of best cooks in the family, so to have his nod of approval meant so much to me.
Another amazing young cook in our family is my 11-year-old sister, Kameryn.  She made an adorable strawberry dessert that is sure to make anyone “smile”.
Of course we couldn’t bring something savory to the reunion with out dabbling in something sweet.  Mr. Blue Eyed Yonder and I made two delicious desserts using somewhat unexpected ingredients. Stay tuned for more details…

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