re-un-ion [ree-yoonyuh n]
1. a gathering of relatives, friends, or associates at regular intervals or after searation: a family reunion.
Stokesville Baptist Church, circa 1908
It’s that time of year again, the annual T.J. “Bose” Tanner Reunion. Each year the descendants of Bose Tanner gather at the Social Hall of the beautiful and quaint Stokesville Baptist Church in Axson, Georgia. I have many fond memories of attending these reunions as a child, but if one memory has to stand out it is the FOOD! There is one thing the Tanners love to do – eat! Bearing vegetables, casseroles, cakes, pies and fried chicken, the lovely Southern ladies would fill the center 30-foot long table with all kinds of delicious home-cooked dishes. There is no other place that has played host to that kind of serious cookin’.
Sadly, as many of these sweet ladies passed away, so did the depth of home cooked dishes. One year, dare I say, a bucket of KFC made its way in. Oh lawdy, bring out the smelling spices I think I’m gonna faint!
So many things have changed since the days of yesteryear. We are all far too busy and barely have time to slow down and eat, yet alone cook a homemade meal from scratch. I admit I am guilty of the occasional drive thru, so convenient, so quick. However, I am a strong believer that for at least one day of the year the modern ladies of the family should bring it back to the basics; honor the slow-paced, hard-boiled, hand-rolled, gently-seasoned, cooked-to-perfection lady roots of our family. In a way, a nod to their tremendous efforts.
I am sure I will still see cakes in plastic grocery store containers, frozen biscuits and even the occasional KFC bucket, but I am committed to delivering traditional, made with love, home cooked dishes. So push up your sleeves and bust out the aprons, it’s gonna be a long night!
Who’s with me?

Posted 2/18/10, Topic: Blog

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