Krista Janos

Krista Janos

Owner / Designer / Glorified Hoarder

With an ever-growing inventory, hand-selected and sourced throughout the country, she’ll bargain, haggle and swap stories with the best of ‘em. Krista loves nothing more than plundering through old warehouses or early morning estate sales dreaming of ways to breathe new life into an antique or incorporating it into her extensive rental collection.

An old soul with a penchant for sentimental details, Krista’s love of antiques comes as no surprise. Born to a large family of collectors, she grew up on the hot pavement of flea markets across the South. This experience not only taught her to cherish antiques, but sparked in her an appreciation for the often untold story that each piece holds. She enjoys looking at each piece and imagining the people that once owned it, what they must have been like, where they might have lived.

As a way of sharing her passion for collecting with others, Krista also offers antique sourcing and curated antiquing retreats where attendees shop hand-in-hand with her as she shares insider tips of antique + prop shopping.

Krista’s work has been featured in a variety of magazines and sites such as Southern Weddings Magazine, Cottage Hill, Magnolia Rouge, Utterly Engaged, Trouvé, Weddings Unveiled, Martha Stewart’s Bride’s Guide, Once Wed, Snippet and Ink, Style Me Pretty, 100 Layer Cake, Grey Likes Weddings, among others.

Krista is also available for speaking engagements, teaching opportunities, workshops or other projects involving antique + prop sourcing, styling or set design.

Chris Janos

Chris Janos

Inventory Manager / Master Builder

Chris works behind-the-scenes helping Blue Eyed Yonder grow by bringing new services to the company such as custom-built furniture, backdrops and installations for events. Chris designed and hand-crafted all of BEY’s farm tables, benches, ottomans, and bars. He’s a meticulous builder and enjoys using vintage hand-tools whenever possible in his projects. His projects far exceed the quality and craftsmanship of typical rental furniture. He prides himself on creating new pieces that exhibit an heirloom quality.

In addition to his custom builds, Chris also works to restore many of the beautiful antiques we have added to our collection over the years. He maintains and repairs pieces in our inventory and enjoys dissecting and tinkering with each piece to figure out just how it works, what it was used for, and where it was made.

When searching for new inventory, Chris is most interested in pieces that exude extreme craftsmanship or handiwork. He has a great appreciation for the pride and skill that historically went into quality furniture.

With his passion for history and interest in preservation, Chris works to research and restore unique pieces from our past so others can share in its history.

Dottie Mae

Dottie Mae

Party Animal / Senior Advisor

Our beloved Dottie Mae has quickly become the team mascot at Blue Eyed Yonder.  A high-energy Austrailian Shepard mix, she loves exploring flea markets and riding along for rental deliveries. From an early age, sweet Dottie Mae has also shared a love of vintage – she was actually found as a pup at a local flea market and was given the name “Dottie” by a group of adorable elderly ladies in another antique store later that day.  She’s always by our side, provides us with many laughs and fills our hearts with joy.