Birthday Girl

Photo by Mr. Blue Eyed Yonder

I’m still busy, busy sorting through photos from littlest sister’s birthday party. Whew! So many to choose from. I’ll have to put on my editing hat and make some decisions.

I didn’t want to leave you hanging, so I thought I’d share a photo of the birthday girl herself, littlest sister, Kameryn. She was such a doll in her cute birthday outfit: sparkly sequin top and oh-so-girly ruffled bolero. I figured, she’s 13, that’s old enough to have your first Anthro purchase, right? She wears it well… uh-oh, we might have another Anthro addict on our hands.

On a side note, I just have to give a little shout out to Mr. Blue Eyed Yonder. His photos of Kameryn had me weak in the knees. I think I need to hand over the camera more often. Muah! you talented man you.

Posted 10/19/11, Topic: Events

You’re Invited

Grab your favorite pink drink and dust off your sequins, I’ve got a week full of glamourous girly posts that will have us all wishing we were thirteen again. 
Littlest sister’s sparkly outdoor movie party was such a blast. Lots of glitter, giggles and girls – such fun! To kick off this week of party posts, I though it appropriate to put first things first – the invitation.
I love dreaming up unique invitations and always look for ways to add interactive elements. This special invite featured a movie screen with a custom designed “13” movie countdown, a spinning movie reel, and a ticket dispenser… oh, and lots of hearts and glitter. 
The movie screen was mounted on wooden dowels and even had a tiny patch of green grass.

The movie reel pulled out from a sleeve on the side of the card. The reel spins, providing guests with fun details about the party.

A custom designed movie ticket was tucked into a sleeve at the bottom of the card to reveal the movie they’d be watching. The serial number on the ticket was the date of the party. 

Photos by {Blue Eyed Yonder}
Making these invitations was so much fun. I haven’t had a girly project in a while. I couldn’t help but smile when I realized that littlest sister turns 13 and I’ll turn 30 this year. Just a little ironic, don’t you think?
Stay tuned this week for pictures from her party and some snazzy DIY party tutorials. 

Posted 10/18/11, Topic: DIY, Events

Scenes from the 4th

Photos by {Blue Eyed Yonder}

There’s no such thing as a simple get-together in my family. Lots of fun, laughs and, of course, way too much food.

Hope everyone had a fabulous 4th! What did you do to celebrate?

Posted 7/5/11, Topic: Eats, Events

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