Sweet Belly Pickles

We’re almost at the end June, can you believe it? The weather has been absolutely stifling here in the South. I’m talkin’ backsides-melting-to-car-seats hot! With all of this heat I can’t help but notice all of the pregnant gals out and about, and boy are there a lot of them this year. {Must have been a cold winter.}
To celebrate all of the pregnant troopers out there I thought I would share a little preggo gift I made for my bestie, Shea. 
Yes, I made this in 2010. 
Yes, her baby’s teething and crawling now. 
Yes, I’m only now getting around to finally posting this project. 
Don’t judge.

I wish I could tell you that this recipe is “top secret” and that if I told you I would have to… well, you know. Unfortunately the story is not that dramatic. Truth is, I looked up several recipes online, picked and chose ingredients that sounded good and winged it. I’m sure at one point I could have told you what went in it, but like I said, that was 2010. If you want to try your hand at a similar recipe, try Martha Stewart’s Fast Homemade Pickle Recipe. It will get you pretty darn close to these bad boys.
If you know me, you know the fun is in the packaging…

Custom designed logo, handcrafted tags, linen and twine toppers. 
I call them “Sweet Belly” Pickles, as a little nod to all the pregnant, pickle-craving ladies out there with “sweet bellies”. The “SB” also happens to be Shea’s initials. She loves pickles more than anyone I know, so it was only fitting that she have a little part in their naming.
Add a hand-painted wooden crate and a darling pickle fork carved by Jonathan and you’ve got yourself one precious package. 

Photos by {Blue Eyed Yonder}

Man, I’m not pregnant, but I think I’ve got a cravin’ coming on. How about you?

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Paint it pretty

What is it about acrylic paints? I love standing in the aisle at the craft, hundreds of little bottles of color spread out before me. I like pairing different colors and building color schemes with the little bottles.

I got this apron and this egg crate for Christmas. Their fun, cheery colors have been my inspiration for so many of my kitchen ideas. While wrapping up a few loose ends on the pantry redo, I decided to paint a small wooden crate to store all of my sprinkles, icing, and other decorating supplies.

One bottle of acrylic paint and a sponge brush later, you’ve got a $2.00 makeover.

Photos by {Blue Eyed Yonder}
Now all of my loose baking supplies will have a nice, tidy new home in the pantry. Easy to store, easy to  grab. Sweet.
Got any projects that have been keeping you busy?

Posted 6/8/11, Topic: DIY, Home

DIY: Paper Wall Art

I love crafting with my sister. She’s such an artist. While we are both very creative people, it always interests me to see how our styles, mediums and techniques vary. I always call her the true “artist”. She’s a great painter and photographer and has the patience to work tediously on the tiny details.
When she’s working on a painting of a woman mysteriously drifting under water… I’m no help, but when she’s creating fun paper wall art… I’m her gal!
She created these adorable paper discs using colors and patterns that coordinated with her cozy Anthro quilt. Such a great and inexpensive way to add a splash of color to bland apartment walls!
Paper Wall Art
Paper (vellum, cardstock, magazine pages, newsprint, etc.)
Double Sided Tape
Begin by cutting a paper strip half the width of your desired circle diameter. (example: for an 8″ circle, cut paper into a 4″ wide strip.) Fold the paper in an accordion style, keeping each fold uniform. The wider the fold, the deeper the creases.

Keep folding…

and folding…

When you are finished, you should have an uniform accordion-style strip of paper.

Using scissors, trim the edges of the fold to ensure a clean, crisp perimeter.

Using double-sided tape, piece several accordion strips of paper together end to end.

Gather the center of the paper, allowing the outer edge to spread out like a fan. Using double-sided tape, secure the two loose ends together to complete the circle.

Use small penny nails to secure the paper circles to the wall. Continue making many circles, small and large, to fill your wall and add a little bit of whimsy.
{Photos by Blue Eyed Yonder}

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Easy Backyard Flower Assembly

Nothing freshens up a room more than a bouquet of fresh flowers. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate display, sometimes just the simplest handful will do the trick.
Don’t think that you have to spend a lot or any money for that matter. You’d be surprised what you can round up in your own backyard. Let’s break it down…

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Just take a quick walk outside, you might be surprised at your findings.

Photos by {Blue Eyed Yonder}

Posted 4/12/11, Topic: DIY

DIY: Post Card Display

A little while back I was looking around the house for a way to display some cool postcards I picked up while antiquing near my Dad’s. Two wooden spools caught my eye and a quirky idea was born.
It might look like there’s some voodoo magic going on, but it’s really quite simple…
Simply secure the nails in the wall at the desired height, add a dab of hot glue to the end of the nails and place the wooden spools on the nail. The hot glue will hold the spool in place and keep the weight of the post cards from unraveling the spool. Lastly, attach your post cards to the hanging twine. I used clear adhesive dots, but regular scotch tape will do.
Some of my favorite post cards are the ones with messages scrawled on the back. I often marvel at the beautiful penmanship. How lovely it must have been to receive one of these cards. Just simple messages: tales of seeing the sights and experiencing new adventures.
I’m so happy to look at these sweet messages each and every day.
Photos by {Blue Eyed Yonder}

Posted 4/5/11, Topic: DIY

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