DIY Colored Mason Jars

Looking for a fun and easy way to spruce up your home for summer? These DIY Colored Mason Jars are super simple and can easily be made in one afternoon!

What You Will Need:

Mason Jars (various sizes)
Spray Paint (in gradient shades)
Gloves (to protect those pretty fingers)

To begin, make sure that all of your mason jars are clean and dry. If you are using new mason jars, there’s no need to wash them prior to painting. Place the jars upside down (open end down so you can spray the bottom and the sides at the same time) on an old surface that you don’t mind getting spray paint on. (I would not use newspaper to protect your surface, the paint tends to stick to the paper.) In a well ventilated area apply your first coat of spray paint. Spray paint in even strokes, careful to not get too much paint on the jar to prevent runs. After the first coat is dry, apply second coat. Repeat these steps until the entire surface has been evenly covered.

For this project, I used mason jars in various sizes and painted clusters of the jars with each color. The possibilities are endless!

These mason jars were part of my lounge design at Salvage. The girls of ICE hosted a DIY Mason Jar Competition at the event, so I thought it would be fun to bring a colorful twist on the everyday mason jar into the Salvage Lounge. They’re bright, simple and full of hand-crafted charm.

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BEY on Joy of All Crafts

In the mood to get a little crafty this weekend? Check out BEY’s DIY Fabric Drawer Liners featured on Joy of All Crafts today. While your there, get totally inspired by the craft master herself, Heather! She’s got lots of fun DIY tutorials on her site and you’re sure leave with a long list projects you’re just dying to try!

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DIY Vintage Ornament Wreath

I love DIY projects! Especially when they’re easy as pie! Last year I had my eye on several vintage ornament wreaths. I loved their bright colors and sparkle, but their price tags made them not shine quite as bright. Most of them were around $200 and up. Yikes!
I decided I would make one of my own this year and kept my eye out for good deals on ornaments throughout the year. I found the vintage silver tinsel wreath at a flea market for $15.00, it has little white lights in it too. The ornaments were found at yard sales and flea markets, most were around 50 cents each.
DIY Vintage Ornament Wreath
What you will need:
Tinsel Wreath (Mine is vintage, however any ol’ wreath will do.)
Vintage Ornaments
Hot Glue Gun
Now listen real carefully, this is where is gets tricky… Arrange the ornaments on the wreath and hot glue into place. Ha! Told you it was easy.
The most time-consuming part about this project is finding all the vintage ornaments. It’s not as tricky as it sounds. You’d be surprised at how many you will stumble upon at flea markets and yard sales throughout the year. Just keep your eyes out, I found most of mine in August. (Prices are a little better that time of year as well.)


Photos by Blue Eyed Yonder
What kind of fun holiday crafts have you made this year? I’d love to see some pictures, share your links in the comment section.
Happy Crafting!

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DIY Cotton Anniversary Tassels

Year 2 – The Cotton Anniversary
I had so much fun making these Cotton Anniversary tassels. They were actually quite simple and as I got the hang of it, I could really churn them out. There was something kind of therapeutic about it – cutting strips and strips of cotton, seeing the mounds of cotton take shape. So beautiful.
Cotton Anniversary Tassels
What you will need:
Cotton Fabric cut into 18″x24″ squares (1 yard makes 4 tassels)
Rotary Cutter
Twine (to hang all of the tassels)
Fabric marker
I used Jaime’s tutorial for “No Sew Fabric Tassels” and chose cotton fabrics in our wedding colors. Her tutorial is very well written and easy to follow. I opted to make my tassels out of 18″x24″ squares, that way I was able to get four tassels out of a yard of fabric. Using a fabric marker, I simply wrote special memories on each tassel. 
Now we have a spiffy little tassel garland to display in our house to always remember our “Cotton” Anniversary.

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Cotton Anniversary

Let’s face it, I’m a sucker for tradition.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the 25-year Silver Anniversary or the 50-year Golden Anniversary, but did you know there is a gift theme for almost every year? I’ll be the first to admit it, some of the themes are just plain funny, I mean who wants to celebrate with the gift of tin? Random, huh?

Nevertheless, each year on our anniversary we have fun finding ways to incorporate that year’s theme into the festivities. Last year we celebrated our 1-year Paper Anniversary by making our own paper together. This year I wanted a unique way to represent the Cotton Anniversary.

What’s more beautiful than tons of cotton tassels?

I created cotton tassels using colors from our wedding. Each tassel had a special memory written on it, starting with our first date and going through the memories from our wedding.

I secretly made these tassels as a surprise for Mr. Blue Eyed Yonder for our anniversary. I couldn’t just throw them in a box and wrap them up… I had much bigger plans for these tassels.

I hurried  home from work and strung the tassels from the handle of the front door, all the way into the living room. It kind of made a Hansel and Gretel trail, he would have to read each memory as he made his way into the room. In the living room, I hung a white “cotton” sheet as a homemade projection screen and made a slideshow of our wedding photos. The sheet was surrounded by tons of tiny twinkling candles. I had some Hawaiian music playing to help take us back to that special day on the shores of Oahu. It was such a romantic scene, I think I even surprised myself!

Photos by {Blue Eyed Yonder}

He was floored to say the least! We popped the cork on our favorite bubbly, watched the slideshow, laughed a little and even teared up a bit. It was such a fun way to remember that day and kind of go back for a moment.

Mr. Blue Eyed Yonder is going to write in some of his wedding memories on the tassels and we’ll hang it in our home as a way to always remember our “cotton” anniversary.

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