DIY: Paper Wall Art

I love crafting with my sister. She’s such an artist. While we are both very creative people, it always interests me to see how our styles, mediums and techniques vary. I always call her the true “artist”. She’s a great painter and photographer and has the patience to work tediously on the tiny details.
When she’s working on a painting of a woman mysteriously drifting under water… I’m no help, but when she’s creating fun paper wall art… I’m her gal!
She created these adorable paper discs using colors and patterns that coordinated with her cozy Anthro quilt. Such a great and inexpensive way to add a splash of color to bland apartment walls!
Paper Wall Art
Paper (vellum, cardstock, magazine pages, newsprint, etc.)
Double Sided Tape
Begin by cutting a paper strip half the width of your desired circle diameter. (example: for an 8″ circle, cut paper into a 4″ wide strip.) Fold the paper in an accordion style, keeping each fold uniform. The wider the fold, the deeper the creases.

Keep folding…

and folding…

When you are finished, you should have an uniform accordion-style strip of paper.

Using scissors, trim the edges of the fold to ensure a clean, crisp perimeter.

Using double-sided tape, piece several accordion strips of paper together end to end.

Gather the center of the paper, allowing the outer edge to spread out like a fan. Using double-sided tape, secure the two loose ends together to complete the circle.

Use small penny nails to secure the paper circles to the wall. Continue making many circles, small and large, to fill your wall and add a little bit of whimsy.
{Photos by Blue Eyed Yonder}

Posted 5/17/11, Topic: DIY

  • Chelsea Hansen
    May 17, 2011 at 2:07 pm |

    LOVE this! This looks sooooo great with her quilt! You gals are so crafty 🙂

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