Weekend Finds

On our little weekend adventure through four small Southern towns, we popped into several local antique stores and scored a few goodies along the way. You know me, I just couldn’t come home empty handed.
Vintage wire basket and Reader’s Digest books. Trying to whittle away at this project. Still a long way to go.
Vintage school-house chalkboard. Just another item to store away until I get around to converting our guest bedroom into a little creative suite.

I love the industrial feel to it. Most of the stuff I’ve been collecting has this vibe, I’m anxious to see how it all comes together.

Wire Revolving Card Holder. Don’t ask. I have no idea what I am gonna do with this piece, but I have lots of fun ideas. I was just drawn to all the wire and metal. I spotted it from a mile away!

There ya go, my finds in a nutshell. Have you found any goodies lately?

Posted 5/11/11, Topic: Vintage Finds

Sherman’s Trail Yard Sale

I had every intention of starting the week off with a post about all of the awesome finds at the first annual Sherman’s Trail Yard Sale. We woke up bright and early on Saturday and hit a total of four towns along the yard sale’s route: Covington, Rutledge, Madison and Social Circle. While there was no shortage of small town southern charm, there was nothing to be found in terms of Sherman’s Trail Yard Sale. 
I guess with it being the first year, there is still a lot of work to be done to get the towns more involved. I don’t think it helped that it fell on Mother’s Day weekend. Sale or no sale, Dad and I had a great time just riding the country roads, finding neat little shops and restaurants, and sharing a laugh or two… or three.

Our first stop of the morning was in Covington, GA. We found a yard sale that occurs every Saturday. It was a true yard sale in that it was mostly filled with old plastic toys, broken TV sets, VHS tapes, and figurines you wouldn’t even let your Grandma own. However, within all this junk there were a few booths with some hidden treasures. 

The next stop of the day was Rutledge, GA. This town is so small — don’t blink or you’ll miss it. The real jewel of this town is their food. Someone gave us a tip on a great burger joint in Rutledge called, Classic Rock Cafe. They warned us the “ambiance” left much to be desired. Umm, no joke. We pulled into the empty parking lot. Got creeped out. Pulled out of the parking lot. Decided we might be missing something great and pulled back into the parking lot. Got out. Went in. It was dark and didn’t scream “best burgers sold here”. Turned to leave. Got to the door, decided we might be missing something great and took a seat.
Either this was gonna be an excellent burger or we were all gonna end up in the emergency room. Yeah, it was that kind of ambiance. We got our food and were pleasantly surprised. They were delicious! We even ordered dessert. Talk about a hidden gem! (However I still think they need to hire Blue Eyed Yonder to give the Classic Rock Cafe a much needed face lift.) 

The next stop of the day was Madison, GA. They say, “Go to Rutledge for the food, but come to Madison for the shopping.” The town square was bustling with people and cute little shops. There was also a tour of homes going on. I could have spent all day just oogling at the gorgeous old Southern homes.

Social Circle:
The last stop was the town of Social Circle, GA. The main street through town is lined with little shops. The people there are so friendly. Every time I have been to Social Circle I have struck up a conversation with someone and learned so much about their tight-knit community. One sweet old lady referred to it as “Mayberry.” Social Circle is also home to the famous Blue Willow Inn, and of course it was packed for Mother’s Day weekend.

So as you can see, it wasn’t so much a weekend of yard sales, however it was a fun trip back in time. Down the little lanes of sweet Southern towns, where time moves just a little bit slower, the people a little friendlier, and the tea just a little sweeter.

Posted 5/10/11, Topic: Vintage Finds

Brooklyn Flea

Roaming the streets of Brooklyn, you just might pass this building and think, “Hmph, just another building,” but step inside and you’ll find you’ve been greatly mistaken…
Ah yes, the Brooklyn Flea.
You know how those kids stumbled into the wardrobe and came out on the other side in Narnia? An unbelievable place, bigger than dreams, full of curiosities. A place that made the ho-hum pace of everyday life seem like a distance memory? Well…
From the second we walked through the door my heart started racing. The building was absolutely gorgeous and jammed packed with rows and rows of treasure!
If that’s not enough for you, venture down to the building’s basement and enter the vault. Yep, that’s right  a real vault! This building used to be a bank and the huge steel vault is still in place. Walk right in, there’s more treasures to be found.

It’s unfortunate, but since I was traveling by plane I really had no way to bring any of these treasures home with me. 
Ha! Did you buy that? You know me better than that. Mr. Blue Eyed Yonder had the genius idea of buying a box and just checking it with the airline. Gosh I love that man! 
He also wandered around all of Brooklyn carrying an obnoxious yellow wire lamp shade. This really sweet homeless lady flipped us off and told us it was “junk”. Gotta love New York.
If you’re ever in the area be sure to stop by the Brooklyn Flea… and tell that sweet little lady I said hello.

Posted 4/7/11, Topic: Vintage Finds

Everything has a story

There are some days I am quite thankful I’m not a millionare. I like the thrill of a good deal. I like plundering antique stores and flea markets. If I were a millionaire, I’m sure I would just hire some hot shot designer to furnish my house and probably wouldn’t be that involved other than scribbling out a check as I spun out of the driveway in my Maserati on my way to my overpriced therapist. If I were a millionaire, I wouldn’t have or appreciate the lovely stories behind many of the pieces in my home.
It’s the stories and the memories that make what might seem like junk, pure gold. For instance, take this lovely turquoise cabinet…
I found this little beauty while junkin’ with my bestie, Shea. It was sitting in the corner of the shop, covered in beautiful milk glass vases. The sweet shop owner moved all of that glassware so I could get a better look. The back is made of a tin roof off an old chicken coop. It was the first colored piece of furniture in my home. It was my first step in making my house “mine.” That day I stopped being consumed with what future buyers would think of my house and started making it what I wanted it to be. (My house is not even for sale! Why would I try to plan that far ahead?)
Everytime I pass by it I think of Shea and the fun we had that day. I can still remember how excited she was about the piece.
Then there are the books…
You know I love books like a fat kid loves cake. I found these books that same day. These were some of the first vintage books I ever purchased. I fell in love with their colorful spines and interesting titles. I have used them as photo props countless times. I also scored these adorable bottles that day…
I guess it’s safe to say that day was filled with lots of fun finds. These bottles are super sweet, but the numbers are what sold me. I use these for all kinds of random things around the house: vases, vintage tree topper holders, and photo props. Each and every time I use them I think of Shea’s sweet little girl, Jae. Jae tagged along with us that day and was the best behaved little thing, a real trooper. When she is older I hope she still tags along on our junkin’ trips. (Although I am sure she will reach that “I’m too cool for that” phase eventually.)
Then I have a little section with my Reader’s Digest starter collection…

You see, my grandmother has tons, and I mean tons, of these books she has collected over the years. They look so beautiful displayed on bookcases; looking at their vibrantly colored spines always makes me happy.
Of course, you can’t admire my turquoise shelf and all of its lovelies without noticing the wall of photos… 
These frames used to hold black and white family photos from my parents all the way back to my great-great-great grandparents. When we had our Atlanta wedding reception, I used a lot of the frames to display photos from our actual wedding. After ther reception I put the frames back on the wall, but never changed out the photos. So if you are ever at my house, you’ll notice what we jokingly call “the wedding wall”. It might appear that we are a little obsessed with ourselves, it’s just that we enjoy looking at the pictures and if we tuck them in an album we are sure to not look at them very often. So I’ll enjoy my “wedding wall” for just a little while longer.

And who can resist billy buttons? I fell in love with these flowers when planning my wedding. I used them in my bouquet as well Mr. Blue Eyed Yonder’s handmade boutonniere. Everytime I see them I think of our wedding and the bright burst of sunshine they brought to our special day.

Photos by {Blue Eyed Yonder}
So, as you can see, everything has a story. It’s little stories like these that make a house a home.
What’s your story? Do you have something special in your home that evokes a warm, fuzzy memory each time you pass by it?

Posted 3/15/11, Topic: Vintage Finds

Oh My Darling Clementine

Do you ever run across something and know it’s just meant to be?
The other day, while peeling a clementine at my desk, the beauty of the fruit struck me. It’s the perfect round size and they’re so easy to peel. As I pulled back the skin, you could see a fine spray of mist escape. The smell completely filled my office, so intoxicating, so refreshing.

Looking at the clementine, so perfectly created, each part of it designed for a specific purpose, I knew I wanted to take some time to try to capture its beauty. 
Coincidently, while browsing one of my favorite antique stores, something caught my eye. At first I was struck by its beautiful green cover, then I picked up the book and read the spine – Clementine in the Kitchen. 
The perfect photo prop for the perfect fruit. Love it!

Flipping through the book I found many darling illustrations of Clementine and her kitchen adventures. I believe she must have some French inspirations for many of the recipes and stories in the book use French words and terminology. 

Photos by: KHJ
I can’t wait to read more about this charming character while munching on some yummy clementines, of course! What fruit makes you smile these days?

Posted 1/17/11, Topic: Eats, Vintage Finds

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