Fresh Idea: Vintage Chicken Crate Chandelier

Every time someone submits a wishlist through our website, I’m so excited to see what pieces they’ve chosen. What items jumped out at them and tugged on their heartstrings. It’s fun to see the same pieces used over and over again in very different ways. Just when you’re sure all of the possible design combinations have been used… something like this comes along.

Those creative gals at Simply Charming Socials took an everyday chicken crate and created the most beautiful rustic chandelier. It’s so funny to think years ago this crate was used to haul lots of chickens and now it’s center stage at this gorgeous 4th of July party. Wonder what that farmer would say to see it now?

Photos by 35 Atlanta

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Papa’s Top Secret Blueberry Smoothie

As we wrap up this year’s week of Blueberry Bliss, I thought I end things with a special recipe from the grower of all of these beautiful berries – my Papa. He and my uncle put in countless hours tending to these berries, making sure they are the very best. Today he’s been sweet enough to share his wonderful blueberry smoothie recipe, what a treat!

Papa and Mema love to make smoothies and over the years they have tweaked the ingredients to get it just right – mighty delicious if you ask me! A big thanks to Griffis Farms and Bonnie Blueberries for letting us take lots of yummy berries home to enjoy and share with others. I’m already counting down the days until next season!

Papa’s Top Secret Blueberry Smoothie


1 banana
1 c. pineapple chunks with juice
1 c. plain yogurt
1-1/2 c. Silk pure coconut milk
1 tbsp. Coco Lopez cream of coconut
2 c. frozen blueberries

Combine banana, pineapple, yogurt, milk, cream and frozen blueberries in blender and blend on med-high speed until smooth. Enjoy immediately. Serves 3-4.

Tip: This recipe works best with frozen berries. If using fresh berries, be sure to add ice to the mixture to ensure proper consistency.

In case you’re wondering, these gorgeous goblets are vintage “moonstone”. I started collecting it last year while shopping flea markets with Mema. She love dishes and has collected so many beautiful pieces over the years. It makes shopping much more fun when you have a certain style that you collect. You’d be amazed at all the places it pops up once you start looking for it. These lovely goblets were a 30th birthday gift from Mema and Papa and I smile each time I put them to use.

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Occasions Magazine – 4th of July Inspiration

With the 4th just around the corner, I wanted to share our adorable 4th of July inspiration shoot featured on Occasions Magazine Online. I had the pleasure of working once again with the lovely ladies of Simply Charming Socials. Those girls have talent dripping from their fingertips and I’m always excited to see what they come up with next!

“We wanted to show our classic take on an Independence Day dinner party, and by classic we mean timeless, with a bit of prep, and nuances of vintage. Our color scheme was blue and white with pops of red. Other than an American flag painting on display, there are subtle hints of this patriotism throughout the party, from star-shaped place cards to a banner of states hanging from a cherry red Studebaker. We focused on the small details: hand-written menus, a gallery of art frames, covered bottles, ribbon flag stirrers and an USA state banner…” 

When the girls contacted me about the shoot, they shared with me their vision of a classy take on the traditional 4th of July party and asked me if I happened to have a vintage red truck. How perfect is that, right? Unfortunately I don’t own a red truck and hung up the phone thinking about how awesome that would be, a true symbol of Americana. I put my thinking cap on and was determined to find them the perfect truck. You see, while I have lots of random goodies in my collection, if I don’t have it I try my darndest to get it. And get it I did!

You see, that’s the thing about the South – it’s a small world. Everybody knows somebody, that knows somebody. A big thanks to the Carto family for sharing their very special piece of American history with us. Isn’t it a beauty?

Hop on over to the Occasions Magazine website to see the entire shoot. There’s lots of great 4th of July inspiration to be had.

Photos by 35 Atlanta

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Southern Weddings Magazine – Summer in the South

I’m so tickled to share our Summer in the South shoot today on the Southern Weddings Magazine blog. I’ve had the vision for this shoot dancing around in my head even before I started Blue Eyed Yonder. It feels so good to finally see it come to life!

This shoot was inspired by the memories of lazy summer days growing up in the South. Warm afternoons filled with picnics and ice cream, dipping your toes in the cool waters of a pond or loading up in the car and hitting the road with your best buddies.

Check out this darling video from Artworks Wedding Cinema. It feels like a step back in time to a hot summer day in the 1950’s.

A big thanks to all of the wonderful vendors involved! You made this shoot so much fun, so gorgeous and so unforgettable! xo

Photography: Horace & Gertrude // Styling and Concept: Blue Eyed Yonder // Hair and Makeup – Raney O’Keefe // Cinematography: Artworks Wedding Cinema // Paper Goods: Yours Is The Earth // Travel Bags: Lesley Graham, Tiny Fete // Vintage Prop Rentals: Blue Eyed Yonder // 1955 Chevy Bel-Air: Blue Eyed Yonder // Swimsuits: Unique Vintage // Models: Savannah Jane Morgan, Jessica Burkhalter, Stephanie Bowen // Adorable Puppy: Minnie Puddin’

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Behind the Lens

It’s hard to remember life before my iphone. Did I ever think I would stick my hand into a toilet to fish it out? (Umm yes, that was me.) Did I ever think I would get soaking wet diving head first and splashing about in a full load of laundry frantically trying to find it? (Ugh, that was me too.) Sometimes it’s scary to think how dependent we’ve become on our devices. I have constant access to a world of information, I keep in touch with friends and make new ones, I listen to music, I call my family and I take photos. It’s truly changed the way the world works.

When I took the first couple of pictures on the phone, I was amazed at how great they turned out. No more grainy, dark images, but bright, crisp, gorgeous pictures. Little by little I stopped taking pictures with my SLR camera. It became such a hassle. It was big, bulky and I never seemed to have it handy when a great photo op appeared.

As time passed however, I found myself missing the happiness I had once had behind the lens. The way it felt to press the camera up to my face. The sound of the shutter. I’ve realized, it’s great to have my phone for those instantaneous moments that I don’t want to miss, but exploring with my camera causes me to search for beauty and spend precious moments captivated by it. Looking through the lens, it’s just me, surrounded by darkness with something beautiful shining back at me.

I’m trying to make an effort to pick up my camera more often. What about you? Do you find yourself using your phone more and your camera less?

Polaroid Land Camera, fun new addition to Blue Eyed Yonder’s vintage collection.

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