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Sometimes I get the itch to do something spontaneous. Yesterday was one of those days, I decided to plan a secret date for Mr. Blue Eyed Yonder. The actual date was nothing over the top, but just the element of surprise can make dinner and a movie so much more fun!
When Mr. BEY got home, we jumped into the car. He didn’t know where we were going, but as we got closer I handed him a little note rolled up like a scroll and tied with a red ribbon. This is what the note said…
What would you have thought? He guessed all kinds of places from Thai to Indian. But he was wrong, it  was just little ol’ Chick-fil-a. You see, I am a huge fan of all things spicy and I have been dying to try Chick-fil-a’s new spicy chicken sandwich. We have both had opportunities to try it, but decided to wait and try it together. (Haha, corny? Maybe, but I thought it was sweet.)
We ordered at the walk-up window and enjoyed a little Chick-fil-a picnic outside under a bright red umbrella table.
So here it is, almost two weeks after its debut, we finally sunk our teeth into the sandwich to find out what all the fuss was about. Mmmm, mighty tasty! Of course I have managed to probably burn off all of my taste buds with the spicy foods that I eat, so it wasn’t that spicy to me, but we both agreed it had a nice little kick.
After dinner, we decided to hop into the book store for one of our favorite past times…browsing the travel section. Grab a book, settle down in a big, soft chair and travel the world! We are trying to pick a place to visit for our one year anniversary. We both love to travel so much, there really isn’t a place that we wouldn’t want to visit someday. Can’t wait to see what we finally decide upon. Any suggestions?
While we were perusing the globe, I handed Mr. BEY a little baggie of Sour Patch Kids with a simple tag…
Little did he know that our book browsing session was conveniently killing some time before the movie (that I had secretly bought tickets to, thank you internet). He kind of looked at me in this silly way and I said, “C’mon we’re going to a movie!” We left the bookstore and walked right next door to the theater (almost like it was planned, right?)
I have to stop and mention the Sour Patch Kids again. This is our go-to movie candy, but I have to admit Mr. BEY usually gets the raw end of the deal. I hold the bag and ‘select’ his pieces, which means he gets all the yellow and green ones of course, haha! But being in a kind mood, I separated the large bag of Sour Patch Kids into two individual baggies so he could finally enjoy the red ones. Now that’s love right there!
(And yes, I brought in my own Sour Patch Kids so don’t send the movie patrol after me. A girl’s gotta break a rule every now and then.)
In keeping with our fun, spontaneous, child-like theme of the night, I bought tickets to see Toy Story 3 in 3D! So we hopped in the mile long line of ticket holders waiting for the theater doors to open. What was so beautiful about this line were the vast age differences of the moviegoers, from the young to the young at heart. So neat when a movie is able to do that.
I cannot recommend this movie enough. There were so many emotions that I related to and characters I recognized from my own childhood. Absolutely precious. And yes, I have to admit there were even a few tears shed. (Laugh now, but you’ll see what I mean if you watch the movie.)
It was a perfect movie for a perfect night. I think we both traveled a back a little into the days of our childhood. Reconnected with that little inner kid, which we have learned resides in us all along.

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  • Gina
    June 19, 2010 at 8:26 pm |

    Sounds like the perfect date night to me! You are so fun & sneaky! Chris is one lucky guy!

    I am dying to see TOY STORY 3! In fact, we talked to the cutest little family yesterday while at lunch in SUBWAY. They were on their way to see the movie! Funny, they had 3 kids…2 boys and 1 girl…and they were all born 2 years apart,just like our 3 kids were. Just seeing them took me back. *tear*

    Anyhow I really enjoyed talking to that little fam (esp the kids) about the characters, hearing about the TOY STORY birthday party they were having this weekend for the 3 year old boy. Precious.

    After they walked out, Guy noticed I had tears in my eyes and we agreed that our next movie would definitely be TOY STORY 3 with or without kids.

    As for the anniversary trip…I say Europe!

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