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Today I have an appointment to cut off my locks. I always get a little sentimental before getting a major hair cut. You start wondering if you are making the right decision. You wonder if you will regret it. 
I always have a good hair day right before a major cut. It kind of makes you want to put it off a little more. You just get so use to it. I even get a little sad about not have a super long pony.
I know I’ll be sad that I can’t wear my hair on top of head while I’m cleaning house (or blogging)…

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I know I’ll miss those easy messy up-do’s when I’m out and about.

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As I stood and stared in the mirror having “one last night” with my hair (dramatic, I know), my littlest sister looked up at me and said…
“Just think about the person with cancer that will be so happy to have your hair.”
Oh. My. Goodness. What great wisdom! I suddenly felt quite silly for getting so emotional over hair. She’s right, someone is going to be thrilled to have my hair. When I think about it that way, I am more than happy to whack it off. I’m so thankful for her special reminder.
She’ll be with me tomorrow for the cut. She’ll actually be doing the cutting! So happy to share this memory together. Wish us luck!

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