The Not Wedding


You may be asking yourself, what’s a Not Wedding? Well, The Not Wedding is a fake wedding to inspire real brides. There’s a ceremony, a reception and lots of fun dancing. Such a neat idea, huh? Tons of Atlanta’s best vendors cram their talents into one event. From decor, to florals, to attire and food, you name it, The Not Wedding has it.

I’m so glad a snapped a few pics with my iphone, after getting a little (uh-hem, alot) choked up during dinner, the rest of the night was a blur to me. It all happened as I was enjoying the delicious food from Sun In My Belly, just as I took a bite of chicken, a new friend hit the punch line of her joke and I completely sucked the chicken down my windpipe. Not a pretty site I can assure you. At first you try to wave it off with an I’m-ok-just-let-me-cough-a-little smile. Then you realize, “dadgum, this thing is really stuck!” Once I realized I actually could not breathe, I knew I had to do something – fast! The looks on everyone’s face was of complete horror. My face was turning red and it was getting real serious. All I keep thinking was, “Good grief woman, you can’t die in the middle of these people’s fake wedding!” I got up and tried to make it to the restroom, the sweet girls at the table followed me. I was fully prepared for one of them to grab me and start giving me the heimlich at any second, but I just HAD to make it to the bathroom before creating that kind of scene. You should have heard how horrible my gasps for air were, so creepy.

I finally got to the restroom and coughed and coughed until I finally cleared my wind pipe. It has never felt so good to finally be able to take a breath of air. At this point I realized I was a sweaty, hot mess and had wiped my red lipstick (oh yeah, I couldn’t have just opted for gloss today) all over  my face. I cleaned myself up and headed back out to the party, I think I scared everyone to death. I mean you practice what to do in these type of situations, but when they actually happen it’s all kind of surreal. I’ll never forget the moment between thinking I was ok and realizing I had to ask for help. Whew! So freaky and embarrassing at the same time.

So needless to say, after my near-death experience I pretty much focused on breathing the rest of the night. But choking aside, it was such a lovely event with so many pretty details. Glad I survived to share these pretty photos with you (wink)!

Happy weekend!

Posted 3/9/12, Topic: Blog, Events

  • lesley graham
    March 9, 2012 at 12:25 pm |

    krista! that is so scary (and yes i would be embarrassed too) but SO glad you’re still here with us. ay y y. no more jokes at the dinner table. 😉

    • BlueEyedYonder
      March 11, 2012 at 9:57 pm |

      I know! I think I am scarred from it. Might be a while before I eat chicken again, haha!

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