Sisters: a mix tape

You’d have to know my sister, Katie, to know that she’s not what they call the “sentimental type”. So as you can imagine, I was floored to receive a package from her in the mail. No snazzy packaging, no detailed cards, just a single cd crammed with lots of love.
It was a “mix tape” of our childhood. Hand written on the cd were different memories or key words that corresponded with a song on the cd. Reading through the list I would laugh, have huge flashback moments and even come close to shedding a tear.
The whole thing was such an emotional overload. On one hand my heart was about to explode from the amount of time and love that went into creating this cd, and on the other hand my heart ached with nostalgia, the memories and pains of growing older.
So if you’re curious, here’s the playlist (with Katie’s titles and my mini explanations). Click around. If you’re an 80’s baby like us, you might hear a little bit of your own childhood.
Sister’s Mix Tape
1. Jumping off a chair in the garage A Barbie that comes with her own tape? Yesssss!
2. Gone, gone with the wind We use to stand up in the seat of Dad’s pick-up truck and practice our “clogging” to this song.
3. “What are y’all the Wonder Years?” We loved to roll around and pretend to wrestle in our cul-de-sac imitating the opening scene from the Wonder Years.
4. “He can’t beat me in this Jag” One of Mom’s famous driving lines. She wore out that car’s tires and her Judds tapes.
6. Car Shows and Poodle Skirts We use to dress up in 50’s gear and go with Dad to car show. Pretty sure this has something to do with my love for oldies music.
9. Mom, please let Sandi Patti do the singing Sunday mornings before church mom would belt these songs out. Lord help us.
10. Randy Travis’ hair Mom was obsessed with Randy Travis. We had to listen to all of his songs.
11. Corey and Shafia’s Fun times hanging out with the neighborhood kids.
13. Seven Old Men We use to dance around the living room singing “Blow, blow seven old men”. Totally not the right words. Hilarious.
14. Fernandina Bound We picked up this cd while at the beach one year. For some reason it became our “travel tunes”.
18. Exit song for a compilation If I’ve watched Gone with the Wind once, I’ve watched it hundreds of times. This one pretty much sums it up.
What song comes to mind when you think of your childhood?

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