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Photo by Chris Janos

I dont think there is anything my husband cannot do. If it requires patience, precision, artistry and just downright skill, he’s your man. Not to be outdone by my delicious Thanksgiving dressing and dumplings, Chris decided to throw some homemade lovin’ of his own in a dish. The result…two of the best desserts I have ever tasted!

The Apple Crumb Pie (pictured above) was the hit of Thanksgiving. My sister’s culinary whiz of a boyfriend whipped up some fresh cinnamon whip cream and I made a small pot of warm caramel sauce to serve over this heavenly dish. (Let’s just say that this picture had to be taken really fast, no one wanted to wait before digging in.)

Chris’ Thanksgiving Pie was a wee bit overlooked during the actual Thanksgiving dinner, as I mentioned the Apple Crumb Pie was a show hog. But oh baby did that little pie pack a big punch! We enjoyed it with our leftovers the rest of the weekend. The Thanksgiving Pie is a simple twist on the traditional Pumpkin Pie. With a beautifully baked, hand-rolled crust, the pie bottom is lined with chopped pecans and then topped with delicious pumpkin filling. My favorite part of this pie was the crust, it tasted like a soft cookie. You can’t beat homemade goodness!

Posted 12/2/09, Topic: Blog

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