I had a very special treat this weekend, Megan (the sweet gal that designed my website) came to visit! We’ve worked endless hours together on the website and chatted over the phone, but couldn’t wait to meet in person. That’s the funny thing with web-based friendships, you really feel like you know someone, like you’ve been friends for a long time, the only catch… you’ve never met.

Mr. Blue Eyed Yonder and I have chatted before about going back in time and trying to explain this to someone 50 years ago…

“Yeah, I have this good friend that lives in Portland, I see her almost everyday and we chat all hours of the day and night, but we’ve never met.” 

I’m pretty sure at this point you would be fitted for your straight jacket. It sounds so funny, but that’s how our lives are each and every day. So many relationships with people thousands of miles of way. It has to make you think, what will things be like in 50 more years?

From the first time I chatted with Megan, I knew we would be good friends. She has a total type-A personality, she’s one of the first people I’ve met online who’s penchant for timeliness and organization rivals my own. She really kept me on my toes (just the type of person you want working on your project.)

Megan lives in Portland and is about to embark on a new adventure as her husband has recently joined the Air Force. I found this cool accordion postcard that features scenes from the beautiful city of Portland. I thought she could easily tuck it in her bag as she travels around the country. Just a little reminder of home.

Thanks so much for the visit Megan! You are even sweeter in person. I can’t wait for our paths to cross again! xoxo

Posted 3/12/12, Topic: Blog

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