Orange Floral “Grandma Chair” + 4 more

I literally smile every time I look at this lovely chair. For whatever reason, we’ve always called it, “The Grandma Chair”. I think it’s because the floral fabrics with orange and gold colors remind me of my great-grandmother’s house. Mema Griffis – such a witty lady. She loved to laugh and made THE BEST biscuits. The memories of her furniture are a bit fuzzy, but I am pretty sure she had similar colors in her decor. I remember lots of browns, oranges and golds. If she were still alive, I’m pretty sure this chair would make her smile too.

There’s more… don’t miss these lovely additions.

These Samsonite folding chairs // This cool lawn chair // These vibrant chairs // These mid-century swivels


Posted 7/20/12, Topic: Blog, Vintage Finds

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