Now that’s the Ticket

So Valentine’s day will be here before you know it, and I’m proud to say (for once) I am on the ball. I have followed AmberLee at the giverslog for a while, and was so ecstatic to hear she had decided to take her love of chocolate to the next level. That’s right, her very own store! AmberLee and her friend Andrea have joined forces to open The Ticket Kitchen, located in San Francisco. (Aren’t almost all great things base out of that dern creative city?)
As soon as she announced her online store was open for business, I hoped on over to buy my very own French Dark Chocolate on a Stick. A “sweet” little surprise for Mr. Blue Eyed Yonder on Valentine’s day. (Here’s hoping he keeps his promise of not peeking at the blog today.)

All photos by Stephanie Faye
Just swirl this lump of goodness in a mug of steamed milk and you’ve got yourself a tasty treat. It’s recently been so cold in Atlanta, I’m wishing I had some hot chocolate on a stick right now!

If you visit their site, check out the “Suggest A Flavor” tab. I just love it when companies ask for suggestions. What chocolate flavor would you suggest?

Posted 1/25/11, Topic: Blog

  • AmberLee
    January 26, 2011 at 8:53 am |

    Krista! You are so sweet. Thanks for the kind mention. And we hope you and your husband enjoy!

    ps. I always make my husband swear not to look at my blog around important holidays too. What good men we have to obey us!

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