Jeanette’s Shell Pink

I think by now, you all know I’m a collector of many things. That’s pretty much how I got into vintage rentals in the first place. Not many companies can say they got their start in hoarding. Ha!

There’s just something so beautiful about a collection. Sure, one piece is gorgeous all by itself, but put ten on the table and now we’re talking! Collections are unique and often harder to have than just an individual item. It’s the beauty of the masses. My favortite collections are the ones that are gathered piece-meal over time – one piece you may have found at an estate sale, the other in a dusty box at a yard sale. I guess it’s the thrill of the hunt. I definitely inherited that gene from my Mema. She is the queen of collections. She’s the one that got me to pay more attention to china. She taught me the patterns and taught me the values. I have the best time rummaging with her. She’s got the patience to sift through lots of junk – and that’s why she’s always finding lots of treasures!

With so many lovely vintage china collections out there, it was hard to decide what I wanted to start collecting first. One of the first lines I started to collect was Jeanette’s Shell Pink collection. It was produced in the 1950’s and looks like milk glass with a rosy tint. It was made for a very short time, so finding it is a littler harder than other collections. That’s why I like it so much.

I love it’s blush tones and find myself always dreaming of fun ways to use this light pop of pink. I couldn’t resist photographing it with our DIY Fiesta Banner. I think it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day!


Dont’ forget, BEY’s PINK Sale is going on through February 14th. Save on all of our pink (and red) items!

Posted 2/7/13, Topic: Blog, Vintage Finds

  • lesley graham
    February 7, 2013 at 7:51 am |

    gorgeous! i can totally see why you love it.

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