How does your garden grow

We’ve recently talked about the endless job of a farmer and the beauty of an open air farmer’s market, but I think there is one last player to mention…the diligent gardener. 

Gardener (noun): a farmer on a smaller more intimate scale; lover of the earth; friend of the soil. 

Gardening has a way of clearing your head and putting that good ‘ache’ in your muscles. It can be therapeutic at times, a rewarding experience for both the young and old. I’m so happy to share with you some of the stunning images from the garden of my dear “littlest” sister, Kameryn. At only 11-years-old, her garden is bursting with bright colors and hearty veggies. She had an amazing garden this summer and was kind enough to share a little bit of that experience with us. 

What made you want to grow a garden?

Well…it is fun to plant seeds and watch them grow. Mom gave me several packs of seeds on Earth Day and I decided to go to Walmart and buy vegetable seeds and plant a garden.

What was the hardest part about having a garden?

The hardest part of having a garden is watering it EVERY day in the HOT sun. 

When the plants began to sprout, how did you know what was what?

After we planted each section of the garden, we took twine and a stick and marked off each section of the garden. Then I made a diagram of the garden in my notebook. 

What plant/vegetable did you enjoy growing the most?

I enjoyed growing the sunflowers the most because they were so big.

Were there some plants/vegetables that did better than others? 

Yes, the zucchini did better than the rest of the vegetables. The leaves were dark green and the size of a football!!!  

What plant/vegetable do you wish you had grown in your garden?

I wish I had planted okra, potatoes and broccoli.

How did you feel when you were able to eat something you actually grew in your own backyard?

When I ate my crops it felt good knowing that everything came out of my organic garden. I sauteed my squash and zucchini in butter and garlic and it was super yummy!!! Also, I ate my cucumbers and carrots with ranch dressing and made a BLT with my tomatoes.  

Are there any tips you could offer people new to gardening?

If you ever plant a garden, ALWAYS plant more of everything because some of everything dies and you want to have enough.

Did you share any of your harvest with friends and family?

Yes, I gave my neighbors some cucumbers and tomatoes and I gave Mema and Papa some zucchini,  tomatoes and cucumbers.

Photos by: Kathy Graham (a.k.a Mom)

Awesome job Kameryn! I know it was a lot of hard work, but definitely worth it. Thanks so much for sharing a little bit about your summer garden. You have a true green thumb!
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  • shea
    August 4, 2010 at 9:28 pm |

    Those flowers are so pretty! I'm envious of that green thumb. Kameryn continues to impress me. She's growing up so well-rounded. Good job Mama Kathy and a pat on the back to you too, Krista and Katie for being good big sisters.

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