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Do you ever find your to-do list just keeps growing and growing – off your desk, out your window and down the street? It’s easy to get caught up in the “busy-ness” and lose track of other things going on around you – guilty as charged. Last night I actually challenged myself to have dinner with Mr. Blue Eyed Yonder and NOT bring up anything about Blue Eyed Yonder, our to-do lists, or just work in general. I admit, it was really hard. I’m usually the one to chat non-stop and I found myself trying to find words that weren’t about work, I struggled. It made me a little sad.

I decided to ask him kind of a silly question – what’s your favorite color? While it turns out that neither one of us can actually choose a favorite color, this simple question led to stories about sweet childhood memories, crayons, hidden talents, art and even travel. It was such a wonderful and interesting conversation and we actually learned even more about each other.

These moments make me want to shut out the world more often and just spend time with my husband, my best friend.

Share fun times with dear friends.
Warm your soul with winter walks.
Stop to soak in the small things around you.
Enjoy quiet, late-night moments by yourself.
Imagine the possibilities.

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