Hello Yard Sale


August has totally been my yard sale month. I started off the month heading up to Signal Mountain, Tennessee for the 127 Sale and have been spending the rest of my time getting ready for my own yard sale. I have to say, I’d much rather be pickin’ through items at someone else’s yard sale instead of running my own. It’s such hard work! I’m even sporting a sweet farmer’s tan after the long, hot day of wheelin’ and dealin’.

We got up around 5:00 on Saturday and stuck with it until 3:00 that afternoon. That’s when we heard a little thunder and the wind picked up all of the sudden. We had to chase place mats and plastic bags all over the parking lot. It started to drizzle and we had to scramble to get everything inside before the sky opened up and unloaded on us. We just barely made it inside. 
So needless to say, I’m plum tuckered out. Sometimes the “busy-ness” catches up to you and you just have to curl up in the bed and watch Cold Case Files with your hubby; doze a little while and let your batteries recharge. 
What about you… do you enjoy the thrill of the sale or the thrill of the buy?

Posted 8/23/11, Topic: Blog

  • Stephanie
    August 23, 2011 at 8:45 am |

    I guess I enjoy both thrills… It's super fun to score good finds at yard sales, but then if I can bring these little treasures to the masses, via my Etsy shop, I'm really pleased! Lately, it seems I've had a hard time coming across a good sale. I can slowly drive by a yard sale and know if it's got anything good or is just junk. Should have come to yours!

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