Gone junkin’

Remember a while back, when I showed you these adorable vintage buttons given to me by my sweet friend Shea? She found these buttons at Cottontail Cottage, one of her all time favorite places to browse. Lucky for her, she lives out in the country and only a hop away from this precious little gem of a store. Because she lives so close to this store, I like to think of her as my ‘country legs’. She gets to browse their treasures on a regular basis and can always fill me in what new items pop up.
One day, she gave me a call about a gardening sink. A beautiful, old wooden cabinet with a metal top and a vintage porcelain sink basin. On my next trip out the the ‘country’ I just had to stop by the infamous Cottontail Cottage to take a peek.
Yeah, to the average Joe she might not look like much, but I fell for her…and fell hard. I love the distressed, worn wood, signs of lots of use and love from previous generations.
This little treasure now sits happily on my back patio, covered with plants and gardening tools. I can’t wait for next spring. She will come in handy when potting plants and making fresh bouquets. I don’t have a snazzy picture of her in her new home, but if you look past my Mister and the naked version of Lucy, you can see her sitting pretty. (Oh, and notice the blue splashes of vintage graniteware? Yep, that’s my latest adventure. I plan to eventually arrange some vintage pots and wash pans on the wall above the new sink. Lovin’ it.)
Big hug to Shea for being my ‘country legs’ and continuing to keep her eyes peeled for me. I love the Cottontail Cottage. Good thing I don’t live closer, my pocket book would be in danger.

Posted 9/23/10, Topic: Blog

  • jessica
    September 24, 2010 at 7:25 am |

    Mmmmmmm…I love this!! I think I would usher that beauty right into my dining room or foyer. Great find!!

  • natalie @ our old southern house
    October 2, 2010 at 1:07 pm |

    shea…find me one too! 🙂
    LOVE IT!

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