Goldi-lox and the Two Hungry Bears

It is so easy to run through the drive-through when hunger gets the best of you. But, in honor of Earth Day, I decided to buck the urge and think up a healthy, quick alternative for the hunger bug.

I love to brainstorm ideas for new dishes. I am guilty of falling into the rut of cooking the same old things over and over. Sometimes you forget the endless possibilities out there. Since starting this blog I have been inspired to create more new and exciting dishes in an attempt to bring the joy back to eating at home.

While driving to Harry’s Farmers Market I began my mental grocery list…it had to be quick, I wanted it to be healthy and of course it had to be yummy! I decided on Salmon lox served on toasted whole wheat english muffins with a garlic-dill cream cheese spread and capers.

Did I have a recipe? Of course not, I told you…I am a sniff and taste kind of cook. But I can share with you some of my delicious and fresh ingredients in case you get the urge to create a little goldi-lox for yourself.  I started with salmon lox, sustainably farm-raised with no antibiotics or hormones.

Mr. Blue Eyed Yonder helped out in making the cream cheese spread.  He began by softening the cream cheese and then added a sprinkling of dried dill and a dash of garlic salt.

For a fresh, simple side dish I picked up some bright red tomatoes ripened on the vine and grown with no pesticides and a couple of zucchini squash.

Sliced length-wise and brushed with olive oil, I placed the zucchini on the George Foreman for a quick grill.
While the zucchini is on the grill, I buttered the whole wheat english muffins and popped them in the oven for a quick broil. (Warning: taking foodie photos while cooking can result in burnt buns.)
Once the buns are out of the over, spread the cream cheese mixture on the bottom half of the buns and then gently place the salmon lox on top of the cream cheese and top with a couple of salty capers.
Arrange the sliced tomatoes and grilled zucchini and enjoy! This meal was done in a jiffy and a much better alternative to fast food. To top it off, we added a glass of Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc and of course soaked up the nice spring weather by enjoying our meal on the patio.
Photos by: KHJ

Looks like this new dish was a hit!

Posted 4/24/10, Topic: Blog

  • Indiana Joe
    May 3, 2010 at 5:12 am |

    I know you do a great job at NSC but you should do this stuff professionally. The site is awesome and this meal makes me soooo hungry (Smoked salmon/English muffin/cream cheese is my favorite breakfast) I wish we had the ingredients here to make it! 🙁 Anyway, keep up the great work.

    PS: your pictures rock

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