Blind Bath


Do you ever have great intentions that somehow, someway turn into a bizarre scene from “I Love Lucy”?

That’s exactly what happened this weekend when I decided to take a bubble bath – a blind bubble bath that is. Ha, that sounds funny… let me explain.

This past Saturday night I was over at my Dad’s house and got the worst migraine, not just any migraine, an ocular migraine. It causes me to see spots and the pain is intensified by light, causing you to basically be temporarily blinded. So I did the only thing that ever helps – shut myself in a room and turned out all the lights. My Dad and Mr. Blue Eyed Yonder had left to run a quick errand. So I decided to just lay down a while. As I lied there, I thought, “hmm, it might be nice to soak my feet in the tub while my headache goes away.”

I tiptoed into the dark bathroom and began running water. I stuck my feet in and it felt so good. That’s when I thought, “Man, maybe I should just take a quick bath and let the jets run a while.”

So I got undressed and put my clothes beside the tub. As I soaked in the water I thought, “Aren’t there some bubbles around here somewhere?” and felt my way around the edge of the tub until I found the bottle of bubble bath. I dropped a little bit in the water and then sat back and closed my eyes.

The next thing I knew, I felt something touching my face and jerked opened my eyes and realized the bubbles were almost over my head! I fumbled in the dark through the mass of bubbles to find the button to turn the jets off and couldn’t find it. The bubbles were getting higher and higher. I finally found the button and the jets stopped. I sat there stunned just listening to the tiny sound of popping bubbles. Ugh, what a mess! How in the world was I going to get rid of all these bubbles?

I realized that I had to get in the shower to rinse all the bubbles off. I climbed out of the bathtub and got into the shower (still in the dark). Which, may I add, is a little creepy. I knew Dad and Mr. BEY would be back any minute so I walked to the closet to get a towel – there were NO towels, only hand towels! So I did my best to try and dry myself off and started to put my on my clothes. “Umm, why is my shirt wet?” You, guessed it! Every last stitch of clothing got soaked, underwear and all!

So I stood in the dark bathroom, naked and dumbfounded. What in the world was I gonna do? I seriously considered trying to wear the wet clothes, but they were just too wet. I realized I had to put all the clothes in the dryer and hope they got dry before Dad and Mr. BEY returned.

So, just imagine me creeping through the house stark naked carrying an armload of soaking wet clothes. I mean, seriously?

A little after I put the clothes in the dryer, I heard the truck pull up in the driveway. I darted like a madwoman back to the bedroom and dove under the covers. I couldn’t be caught butt naked just standing in the laundry room!

I laid there, heart pounding from all the running around, “how was I going to explain this one?”

Mr. BEY came in to check on me and was in total disbelief at the wild tale I told him. “All of this happened just now?” he asked. Umm, yes! Believe me, I couldn’t make this stuff up.

Posted 5/8/12, Topic: Blog

  • Lynne Stewart
    May 8, 2012 at 6:01 pm |

    OMG that is the craziest story. After having a kind of crappy day it made me smile though. You’re right, those are the kind of things that you can’t just couldn’t make up if you tried.

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