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I know I’ve had these darling cards for a couple of months now, but I realized I never actually created a post dedicated just to them. (And they’re pretty snazzy, I think they deserve their own post, don’t you?)

I had the best time dreaming up the concept for these cards. I chatted through all my ideas with Megan and, from there, she designed these adorable cards. They’re just so “me”. Love.

This was my first letterpress project, so there was lots to learn. For these cards, the front and the back of the cards are letterpressed. The front features a blind emboss (which is letterpress-speak for pressing with no ink). To do this, there are two letterpress dies created, one for all the text in grey and one for the blind emboss. Since the card has to be hand pressed twice, it’s kind of tricky to get these two dies to line up perfectly each time. That’s what makes them quite unique.

Each card is also punched, completing the “tag” look.

I’m so happy with these new cards. It makes me smile each time I give one out. It’s like a special little present: the weight, the texture, the whole package.

Posted 3/21/12, Topic: Blog

  • Katy DeBardelaben
    November 18, 2012 at 6:51 pm |

    I just got one of your cards at ICE Atlanta today and I am obsessed – they are truly amazing works of art. The pictures here are great, but you really have to see them in person and hold them in your hand to really get who special they are. I came here from googling to find out who did them so I can have them make me some of my own cards. I will have to get in touch with your girl Megan!

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