And he’s off…

Memory Cards…check
Cable Release…check
Nervous excited feeling in your tummy…check…double check!
Mr. Blue Eyed Yonder is off to do a little late night exploring in historic Oakland Cemetery. He is joining a group of other photographers in a workshop on “painting with light”. (Probably one of his favorite birthday presents ever, unless you count the time I flew 620 miles to surprise him during his summer up north when we were dating…hard to beat that one.)  
I am pretty new to the concept of painting with light, but it sounds absolutely fascinating. 
Basically, all of the photos will be taken with the use of a tripod (to keep the camera very still) and a very slow shutter speed, sometimes several minutes long. For these types of photos it is helpful to use a cable release, which basically lets you take the picture remotely. If you press the button with your finger, you risk moving the camera and losing the stillness that is needed to capture night shots. So, after you pull the trigger you run around in the dark ‘painting’ the subject with swaths of light. (You have to keep moving so the camera doesn’t pick you up in the photo.) 
Oakland Cemetery, Pisconeri Photography
You can choose where to ‘paint’, how long to ‘paint’, and even implement colored gel lenses over your light source for endless results. 
So, loaded down with several flashlights and all the necessary equipment, my mister hit the road for a night with the dead. Hmph, that sounds kind of creepy…for a night in a cemetery…not any better is it? A night full of history and his love of photography…ahh, that sounds better.
Just so you get a real feel for the experience, it is pretty steamy in Atlanta right now. This is the view from inside our front door as he was pulling out of the driveway…
How’s that for steamy? That’s what happens when a pop-up thunderstorm rains down on a 100 degree afternoon. Yuck. But that didn’t dampen his spirits…
Photos by: KHJ

he’s as happy as can be. I only wish I were going with him. Hmm…maybe this means we need two cameras. Muhahaha!
I’m keeping my fingers crossed that a big gust of wind comes through and cools things off while he’s trampling through the cemetery. I am so happy that he gets to experience something so unique. I know he’ll have lots of good tips, photos and perhaps a creepy story or two. Stay tuned.

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