A Field of Flowers…

around her neck.

Tec Petaja Photography

Probably one of the most fascinating pieces of my wedding day attire was the intricately, handcrafted Flower Garden necklace. Hand sewn fabric flowers, delicately placed buttons, feathers, and even a tiny bird charm adorned the necklace. It was a true summary of all of the wedding elements and captured the very theme of homemade elegance.

Tec Petaja Photography

A special, hidden treasure included in the necklace was one of my Grandmother’s doilies. The doilie served as the backbone of the necklace, holding all of the beautiful pieces together. When I was a little girl, I spent countless hours with my Grandmother creating beautiful flowers for Flower Garden quilts. (Well, she did most of the creating while I scattered the fabric flowers on the floor and danced around on them.) We loved looking at the different patterned materials, deciding which colors went best together. She now has hundreds of flowers that will one day make their way into a quilt.

Tec Petaja Photography

The beauty of this necklace is a tribute to her. She has taught me to appreciate the “treasures” of the past, the quaint loveliness of handmade pieces.

Bonnie “Mema” Griffis

Posted 12/9/09, Topic: Blog

  • Gina
    December 9, 2009 at 11:04 pm |

    Oh Krista! How beautiful your words are! A tribute to such a beautiful woman…my mother, your Mema. We are so blessed. And the necklace you created truly captures your unique ability to interpret and appreciate this life. I love you.
    God Bless You on your new venture.

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