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Jeanette’s Shell Pink

I think by now, you all know I’m a collector of many things. That’s pretty much how I got into vintage rentals in the first place. Not many companies can say they got their start in hoarding. Ha!

There’s just something so beautiful about a collection. Sure, one piece is gorgeous all by itself, but put ten on the table and now we’re talking! Collections are unique and often harder to have than just an individual item. It’s the beauty of the masses. My favortite collections are the ones that are gathered piece-meal over time – one piece you may have found at an estate sale, the other in a dusty box at a yard sale. I guess it’s the thrill of the hunt. I definitely inherited that gene from my Mema. She is the queen of collections. She’s the one that got me to pay more attention to china. She taught me the patterns and taught me the values. I have the best time rummaging with her. She’s got the patience to sift through lots of junk – and that’s why she’s always finding lots of treasures!

With so many lovely vintage china collections out there, it was hard to decide what I wanted to start collecting first. One of the first lines I started to collect was Jeanette’s Shell Pink collection. It was produced in the 1950’s and looks like milk glass with a rosy tint. It was made for a very short time, so finding it is a littler harder than other collections. That’s why I like it so much.

I love it’s blush tones and find myself always dreaming of fun ways to use this light pop of pink. I couldn’t resist photographing it with our DIY Fiesta Banner. I think it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day!


Dont’ forget, BEY’s PINK Sale is going on through February 14th. Save on all of our pink (and red) items!

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Keep on truckin’

I know, gauging by the photo, you’d think you had stumbled upon the homepage for Rednecks Gone Wild, but this black beauty is Bessie, Blue Eyed Yonder’s new truck. For those of you that follow me on Instagram, you’ve met Bessie and have seen what a whopper she is!

I never thought I’d see the day where I would trade my beloved RDX for a huge truck, but having a business is like having a baby – there comes a point when you’re willing to make sacrifices in order to see it prosper. Nevertheless, it didn’t make saying goodbye to my “bug-mobile” (as we affectionately called her) any easier. I cried. No, I sobbed. I never thought it would be that hard. It’s funny how you can get so attached, almost like they’re a part of the family. So many good memories, so many fun times.

Leaving her there in the lot at the dealership was awful. I think I’ve watched (cried through) The Brave Little Toaster one too many times. I imagined her headlights as eyes and kept seeing her “look” at me as we drove away. I later realized that I had forgotten my cd’s in the disc changer and had to go back to get them. There she was, just sitting in the fenced-in area with the other used cars. As I pulled in, I just imagined her perking up and telling the other cars, “See! She didn’t leave me. I knew you guys were wrong!”

Why do I torture myself like that? I’m a nut for sure, but a very sentimental nut, mind you. I’ve been driving Bessie for a week now and I’m really warming up to her. She’s a lot of fun and I love seeing grown men get a little startled when a when a woman jumps out of the driver’s seat. I’m still getting used to her size – I feel like I’m driving a tank!

I know I’ve written a book here, but wanted to end with a funny story about me and ol’ Bess…

It’s a little awkward meeting up with colleagues or clients in this big truck. They all drive sporty BMW’s or fun SUV’s and sometimes I feel like this big ol’ truck doesn’t really fit my personality – or any in-town parking spaces for that matter! Today I was meeting with the lovely Melissa Bloomfield of Pretty Swell Parties at a darling little restaurant downtown. During lunch we see a policeman walk into the restaurant going to table to table. Finally, he bellows out the the entire restaurant, “Does anyone in here drive that big, black truck outside?”

I could have died. No, literally… died. I slowly raised my hand, as everyone in the restaurant turned to look, and said, “Yessir, I drive that truck.”

I was at first afraid someone had hit it, why else would a cop have come inside a restaurant to track down an owner. “Ma’am, your truck’s so big, it’s blocking the road.” Ha! Good lord.

I had to run out of the restaurant and move it from street parking to another lot. That’s the difficulty with big trucks, parking is a nightmare. So if you’re in Atlanta and see big ol’ Bessie hogging up a spot. Toot your horn and give a way, most likely Mrs. BEY’s behind the wheel!

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DIY Fiesta Banner

Grab your pinatas and start mixing those margaritas, we’re doing Valentine’s Day with a little south-of-the-border flair!

For this fun DIY, Blue Eyed Yonder teamed up with Megan, of Hi, Friend Design, to bring you this adorable DIY Fiesta Banner! For those of you that are regulars here at BEY, you’ll remember Megan; she’s the talented lady that created BEY’s website and we’ve been long-distance buddies ever since!

Megan designed this darling banner and shares her inspiration for this project today on her blog. She’s so creative and has the cutest ideas. She’s busy moving from one state to another, so I decided to bust out a new blade for the ol’ Exacto and bring her design to life! Here’s what you’ll need:

This is one of those projects that requires very little materials (you probably already have all of them), but the end result looks very snazzy! I’ll be the first to admit, it requires a lot of cutting, but don’t be scared. After I cut one, I started to really get in the groove and whipped out four more before I knew it. You’ll have people saying, “Well, ain’t you Miss Fancy Pants?”

Download the Fiesta Banner template for free right here. The directions are printed on the template – simply print, cut and par-tay!



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New Inventory! 1957 Chevy Bel-Air

Just in time for all of those gorgeous Spring weddings, I’m happy to introduce our 1957 Chevy Bel-Air!

This car is an absolute gem! She has been completely restored with all original parts and, with over 50 factory options, you can see why she’s a real show stopper!

Fun Facts:

This car was originally sold in California in 1957.

This car has seat belts. In 1957, California was the first state to begin selling cars with seatbelts. The auto industry was slow to offer them in vehicles because they felt seat belts made the cars appear “unsafe”.

This car features power windows and power seats and was one of the first cars to offer this kind of luxury.

This car may cause onlookers to wave, shout or whistle real loud!


In an effort to preserve our vehicles and maintain their beauty, our cars are only rented for a limited number of events each year. Please contact me at hello (at) blueeyedyonder (dot) com to snag one for your special event!   

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Hello Friday + Instaweek

I bought a new truck, her name is Bessie.
I cram in my daily dose of fruits and veggies in yummy smoothies.
I went under the knife. Ha! Just kidding – got my hair did.
I explored the woods with Mr. Blue Eyed Yonder and our fur child.
I started prepping for a fun DIY on the blog next week.
I joined the gingers – Yowza!

Wow! So much can happen in a week!

Don’t forget Blue Eyed Yonder’s Pink Sale is going on now through February 14th and our NotWedding ticket giveaway is open until February 8th.

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. Stay warm and cozy!

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