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New CAMP Retreat Announced!

CAMP Pick with a Pro, www.campworkshops.com

So happy to finally announce the exciting CAMP retreat we have planned for August – Pick with a Pro!

“Where do you find your stuff?” has got to be the #1 question people ask me. While I’m constantly on the lookout for cool pieces to add to the inventory, there are a few special places that I keep coming back to year after year. On this exclusive 3-day CAMP retreat, I’ll take you into mountains of Tennessee on a weekend pickin’ adventure!  We’ll “camp” together at the lakehouse, shop ’til we drop along the 127 Corridor (World’s Longest Yardsale) and have a few class sessions where I’ll spill my pickin’ tips and secrets! We’ll hunt for heirlooms, trinkets and treasures and hang out together in true CAMP fashion.

We’ve rented an amazing lakehouse where we’ll sit on the dock or relax on the porch and swap tall pickin’ tales. Each day, we’ll hop in a 12-passenger van together and hit up all the good spots and plunder through lots of cool stuff.

What’s included:

Lakehouse lodging (2 nights)
Thursday Welcome Cookout
Breakfast each morning
Two days of pickin’ alongside Blue Eyed Yonder
Fun class sessions
Transportation during the retreat
Plus! BEY will haul any large items back to Atlanta for you!

This retreat is only open to 8 lucky campers so hurry and reserve your spot today!

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Photo by Ali Harper

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Hello Friday + Instaweek

instaweek22, www.blueeyedyonder.com

Enjoying wedding leftovers and my growing collection of flower frogs.
Tea + honey before bed.
First watermelon of the season and it was a winner!
My girl helping me in the yard – she’s a keeper.

I know summer hasn’t officially started, but it feels like full on summer here in the South. It’s getting hot and muggy, my spring pansies are starting to wilt and we just bought our first watermelon of the season. While most people love the summer, I have to admit it comes in last place for me. Sure, there are lots of things I like about summer, but for the most part I spend my time trying to find ways to stay cool. This gal’s a sweater and I tend to get a little cranky in the heat, not a pretty sight. What about you? Are you a summer lover?

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It’s here!

CAMPworkshops, www.campworkshops.com

So excited to finally launch our CAMP master classes and workshops! So many awesome classes available… so little time. Check out CAMP’s new website for the schedule of classes. We’ll be adding more classes this Summer and into the Fall as well.

P.S. I have one bad mamma jamma class that will be announced on Monday. YOU. WILL. NOT. WANNA. MISS. IT. Only open to 8 campers, so you’ll have to act fast.

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CAMP Schedule Coming Soon…

“Curiosity is, in great and generous minds, the first passion and the last.” – Samuel Johnson

So, you’ve been seeing all the teasers for the awesome CAMP schedule – lots of classes, workshops and retreats – I promise, it’s totally worth the wait!

We’ll be announcing our schedule and launching the CAMP website this week! Like CAMP’s Facebook page to get updates.


Photo by the talented Ali Harper


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Carol Hannah Trunk Show

Every girl dreams of her perfect dress – the one she slips on that makes her smile, makes her cry, makes her whole heart glow. I’m a believer that every bride deserves to indulge the boutique dress shop experience. It’s so much sweeter and intimate, a far cry from the loud hustle and bustle of a huge bridal shop.

If you’re a bride looking for that perfect gown or just really dig fashion – you should totally make time to swing by the Carol Hannah trunk show this Saturday at The Sentimentalist in Atlanta. Meet Project Runway’s very own Carol Hannah, try on beautiful gowns with Gabi and munch on homemade blueberry scones made by Gabi’s mom, Krista.

Hope to see you there!

Posted 5/23/13, Topic: Blog, Events

oncewed-sq-badge-featured-vendor-20162nd Annual Pick With A Pro Retreat, www.campworkshops.com

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