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New Year / New Start

I know… your jaw is dropping. Is there really a new post from Blue Eyed Yonder?

Guilty as charged. I’ll be the first to admit, after leaving my day job, this whole work-from-home gig has been quite the adjustment. Running the business full-time, adjusting to my new work schedule, living with a new household budget while juggling what I believe to be the world’s most attention hungry puppy – whew! – the blog slid a bit to the back burner.

I think I needed just a few months to adjust from years of burnout at my previous job. With the new year approaching I knew I wanted to get back to blogging – I missed you guys! When I first started blogging it was fun, it was for me, and that’s what I want this blog to be. I think we all get caught in the little “comparison trap” from time to time and catch ourselves feeling that what we have to offer is not good enough or that no one out there is listening or that there are people way more creative than you, so why bother? It’s hard not to slip into that Negative Nancy state of mind. After weeks of tossing around the “to blog or not to blog” debate, it finally occurred to me – everyone is different, we all have different stories to tell, people will love you the most when you let your true self shine.

So as we jump into 2013 you’ll be seeing quite a bit more of me. More behind the scenes posts to starting a business, new columns, guest posts, fun industry events and of course a healthy dose of DIY and vintage goodies!

Thanks to all of you for your support and love throughout the years. You always make my heart smile!

Posted 1/7/13, Topic: Blog

Happy New Year!


Wishing you all a very Happy New Year! Looking forward to lots of great adventures in 2013!

Posted 1/1/13, Topic: Blog

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