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Simplicity + Organization

There are few things that make me feel more relieved than beautifully organized spaces. Unfortunately, my home has very few of those spaces, but we’re getting there people!

As inspiration to all of you out there determined to rid your homes of clutter and create tons of happily organized spaces, I thought I’d share with you one area of my home that remains a role model for all of my other less-than-organized spaces… my pantry.

Now, if you’ve followed Blue Eyed Yonder through the years, my pantry is no surprise. We completed this little redo about two years ago. We trashed all the junk and focused on keeping the pantry usable and clutter free. After two years, I’m happy to say that I’ve managed to keep it nice and tidy.

Wanna see the scary before pictures? See the transformation here.

Is there an area in your home that you are determined to de-clutter this year? Share your stories in the comment section or on Blue Eyed Yonder’s Facebook page.


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Happy Friday + Instaweek

My dog is a bathing beauty.
I have a thing for fuzzy socks.
These boards are making their way into the new office.
Bottoms up with a dear friend at Chicken and the Egg.

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Hello lovelies! I’ve had such a great week back on the blog. It felt a little rusty at first, but I guess it’s kind of like riding a bike. I’m excited about our new columns and fun projects that I’ll share real soon. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and if you’re in Atlanta, enjoy this ridiculously warm weather!

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Ah-ha! Gotcha.

Where would we be without Pinterest? I’ve got to admit, when looking for inspiration it’s the first site I hit. The past few weeks I’ve been collecting inspiration for transforming our guest bedroom into a functional workspace for BEY. I’ve probably looked through thousands of images and pinned tons of them. There was one, however, that slipped through the cracks.

I really liked a particular black pendant lamp used in the photo and wanted to find one similar that I could purchase locally. As I browsed through a local store, I needed to pull the photo up on my phone to take a second look. Ugh! Where is it? What? This can’t be! Whoopsie, I guess I didn’t pin it after all.

Now, trying to find an image that you saw once upon a time on Pinterest can be near impossible. What did I search? How did I ever find it in the first place? I’ve been trying to retrace my steps to track down that photo. It wasn’t even that important, but at this point I was so frustrated I couldn’t rest until I found it.

I got a little bit obsessed, but after scrolling and scrolling – ah-ha! – there it was. So I just had to share this elusive photo with you, in hopes that it inspires you in some way today.

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Blue Eyed Yonder's Weathered Beach Chair, Images by Rylee Hitchner

It’s funny, you’d think since we are still in the beginning of January we’d be bundled up in scarves and boots. Here in Atlanta I’m blogging in a tank top and this weekend is suppose to be near 70-degrees! That’s one thing you have to get used to if you’re gonna live in the South – weird weather.

You’d think as a Southerner I’d long for warm weather, but I actually like the cold. Maybe it’s because I’m such a huge fan of warm fires and cozy socks and happen to own more than my fair share of scarves. How can you blame me? When you run a vintage rental business it’s actually nice to not break a sweat once in a while.

That’s why I love these wintery images by the amazing Rylee Hitchner. They’re from a recent shoot we recently did with Ginny Au of Bits and Bobs for Once Wed. You see, most people rush away to the lake or to the beach when summertime rolls around, but there’s something extra special about these places in the winter. The solitude. The peacefulness. The sun shining deep into your sweater, allowing each fiber to  come alive and wrap you in warmth.

I loved how they used our Weathered Beach Chair to evoke the feeling of a modern day Hemmingway. So soft, so romantic. Kind of makes me want to plan a weekend getaway. How ’bout you?

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Mark Your Calendars


Ok all you newly engaged ladies out there! I know you’re busy with to-do lists, tastings and freaking out just a little, but trust me when I say – you need to make time for this!

The NotWedding is a fake wedding to inspire real brides. How fun is that? Complete with a sit-down dinner, an emotional ceremony and a dance-party reception, The NotWedding has become a killer alternative to a bridal show. The hand-selected vendors perform their services as they would at a real wedding, and the “wedding guests” get to hear the music, taste the cakes, and touch the linens… while enjoying a night of great food, dancing and surprises, leaving brides-to-be saying “I want my wedding to be just like that!”.

So mark your calendars for February 25, 2013 at the Mason Murer Art Gallery in Atlanta, GA.

I’m busy, busy crafting and preparing new pieces for their debut. I’d love for you to stop by and say hello in person.

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oncewed-sq-badge-featured-vendor-20162nd Annual Pick With A Pro Retreat, www.campworkshops.com

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