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Happy Easter + Instaweek

Dottie’s sitting pretty after a rough week and an emergency vet visit. Whew!
Busy, busy creating lots of lovelies for A Lovely Workshop next week.
A fortune I can handle: “You will travel far and wide, both pleasure and business.”
Mr. Blue Eyed Yonder’s delicious coconut cake. God bless that man.

I hope everyone had a wonderful week! I know it’s Spring Break season and lots of people are traveling and breaking in their first pair of flip flops this season. I’ll be off next week to Sea Island for a little “workcation”. I’m joining forces with some of Atlanta’s finest to create wildly beautiful scenes at Elizabeth Messina’s A Lovely Workshop. Follow along on Instagram for lots of behind the scenes peeks with hashtag: #alovelyworkshop.

What did your week look like?

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Happy Friday + Instaweek

This week has been so wonderful! I felt like I finally had some time to catch my breath and enjoy doing more of the things I love.

Finally had a little “me” time and spent it painting toes.
Enjoyed this gorgeous, sunny weather and watching things bloom.
Brainstormed with vintage wallpapers for Elizabeth Messina’s “A Lovely Workshop” with my cute assistant.
Spent some time thanking some incredible people.

What did your week look like?

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DIY Starburst Serving Tray

Photo by Whitney Huynh Photography

With this year’s NotWedding logo, how could I resist bringing that beautiful starburst imagery into the lounge area? Inspired by this starburst mirror made using an old clock, I set out to create a starburst tray to display on our tufted ottoman. I had so much fun creating all of the popsicle fans, it’s quite therapeutic. Who knew popsicle sticks would look so fantastic!

Here’s what you need:

Round Mirrored Candle Tray (Found this one at Hobby Lobby)
Small Popsicle Sticks (Hobby Lobby)
Glue Gun
Gold Spray Paint

To begin, create lots of popsicle “fans”. For this project I created 36 popsicle fans. Each fan as 7 popsicle sticks – do the math and that’s 252 popsicle sticks total. (Remember, the number of fans depends on the circumference of your mirror.)

Once you’ve created the popsicle fans, go ahead and spray paint all of the fans. Doing this step now prevents having to protect the mirror if you were to spray the fans after they’d been glued on. I only sprayed the front of the fans, no need to spray the backsides.

Once the fans have been painted, begin gluing the fans to the underside of the mirror. I glued the fans where only their upper halves would show and left room between each fan for the outer layer of fans.

Once you have secured the first layer of fans, continue by gluing the outer layer of fans, filling in the empty space between the first layer of fans.

Let the glue set up and voila! You’re done!

Photo by Whitney Huynh Photography



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Wild Ride

I’m not gonna drone on about how busy I’ve been this past month. No, busy doesn’t even begin to describe my life. Let’s put it this way, I’ve only slept in my own bed 4 nights of the last month. I wish I were kidding.

When I look back at all that we’ve done in a month it really doesn’t seem real – created 100 clay ring dishes, crafted lots of paper flowers, meticulously hand-cut a floral logo for BEY, assembled tons of confetti cloud balloons, reupholstered a sofa (in one night), built a hanging bed, glued 2,000+ spoons to a hanging starburst installation, built 20 farm tables, built two gorgeous tufted benches, refinished a china cabinet, collaborated on two styled shoots, produced my own styled shoot and that doesn’t even  include the normal day to day rentals and such. Whew!


It’s been crazy for sure! Mr. BEY and I are looking forward to getting back to a much more normal work schedule these next few months and catching up here on the blog. I have so much to share with you! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Posted 3/15/13, Topic: Blog, DIY, Events

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