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Phone Disasters

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a month since my phone took the plunge (literally). So far so good, I guess that little bag of rice did the trick.

I couldn’t believe all of your phone disaster stories, glad to know I am not alone in my phone abuse. I don’t think it gets any worse than Michelle’s story:

“I was at an outdoor concert last year and had to use my iphone as a light inside a dark, smelly port-o-potty and as I pulled it out, it fell into the bottom of it. I was told to call the number on the port-o-potty and tell them what number potty it was for when the event was over, they’d try to dig into the hole to look for it. The thought of it disgusted me that I didn’t even bother and for the past year I’ve been stuck with a 2g that is slowly dying on me.”

Whew! I’m with you Michelle, I wouldn’t have stuck my hand in there either.

Thanks to everyone that participated, as promised I’m passing on a little phone love courtesy of Pencil Shavings Studio. Graceline wins the 20% off coupon, yay! Grab you a stylish phone cover lady!

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Summit High

Vintage Utah Poster via AdoreVintage

I’ve never been filled with so much inspiration and creativity. My head is spinning from being surrounded by some of the most insanely creative people. I guess that’s why we don’t all live together on an island… our heads would explode!

I get so excited reading everyone’s Alt Summit recaps and looking through all the amazing pictures. I’ve got a book full of notes and fun tidbits from the panels and workshops and plan to host a mini-series here on the blog to share all my learnings combined with fun facts and interviews with other bloggers that I met at the conference. (Uh-huh, how you like that ‘collaboration’ Alt ladies?)

Look for the posts titled “Summit Notes”, because afterall, blogs are about sharing.

On another note, I have tons of great photos to share from our trip to Austin for The Cream Event, plus my very own Austin Vintage Guide. You won’t want to miss it!

Happy weekend!

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Austin Y’all

Image via Anthropologie

We’re on the last leg of our little hop around the country, and we’ve landed in Austin. Wow, I think I’m in love.

We came into Austin for The Cream Event hosted by Bash, Please. It was uh.maz.ing. We met so many super talented people that, like us, just love a good party. I caught lots of good photos and even went a little goofy in the Smilebooth. I’ll share all my fun Cream stories when we get back to Atlanta.

We’re off to explore this amazing city. So much character, so much food! My sister, Katie, and her boyfriend, Opie, joined us here is Austin. They’re both big foodies, so I know we are gonna try out some killer places. They may have to roll me home.

Any Austin favorites? I’d love to hear your suggestions.

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Alt Inspiration

So the first day of Alt Design Summit is under my belt and I am crammed to the gills with inspiration. I had no idea there would be so many creative people all packed into one place. It’s like the Hollywood for bloggers, so many well-known names and faces.
You would die to see all the insanely great fashion! Imagine the best clothing inspiration boards you’ve seen on blogs and pinterest draped on the cutest people and walking all around you. Crazy. At times I looked around and thought I had walked onto the set of Project Runway. If anything this conference has given my wardrobe a boost of inspiration.
Aside from the fashion, I just have to take a moment to talk about all of the awesome business cards I have received. Some of these babies should win awards! I’ve seen water-colored, hand-sewn, letterpressed, you name it! I should do a post focusing on the business cards alone!
I’ve taken lots and lots of notes at the conference so far and hope to share some of my learnings with you guys soon. Be sure to follow me on twitter for live updates from the conference. Off to pack my brain with more awesomeness!

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Secret’s Out

After lots of whispers and secrets about a little behind-the-scenes project I’ve been working on, I’m happy to finally announce…

Blue Eyed Yonder has a brand spankin’ new website and we’re now offering one-of-a-kind vintage rentals!

Whew! After months of hard work we are now happy to share our latest project with you. I’ve got lots of behind the scenes details to share and more about the new vintage rental branch of BEY, but most importantly check out the new site at BlueEyedYonder.com and bookmark the new blog address.

This will be my last post on Blogger. All the previous posts have moved over to the new website so you can still find past projects, recipes, etc. Hopefully you’ll find the new blog layout a lot cleaner and easier to navigate.

We are still in the process of working out little kinks here and there, but I hope you like the new look and of course our growing collection of vintage goodies!

Here’s to 2012! It’s gonna be a great one!

Posted 1/9/12, Topic: Blog

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