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Peace, Love, Beatles

I’m a firm believer that you’re never too old to dress up. In fact, it may be the secret to staying young.

To celebrate my Aunt’s 50th birthday, we all donned our best hippie gear for the Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles concert. By chance, we sort of embodied all types of hippies. Littlest Sister was the sweet, innocent flower child, Aunt Gina was the psychedelic groovy hippie, I was the passionate activist, and Mom was the feminist hippie ring leader. I still can’t look at this photo without laughing.

In typical 13-year-old-fashion, littlest sister was quite embarrassed to get out of the car with us at the concert. After all, we were the only ones dressed like true hippies, but once she saw how much everyone loved the costumes she warmed up to the idea.

I’m convinced our costumes made the experience a thousand times more fun; we sang, danced, and waved our peace signs in the air. It was like taking a trip back in time. I had the best time watching my mom and aunt really get into it. Priceless.

So happy to share this special memory with them. Peace, Love, Beatles.

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Happy Halloween

Photo by {Blue Eyed Yonder}

We carved a pumpkin on our first date.

He called, “Hey, I picked up a pumpkin. Want me to bring it over and we can carve it?” Man, he had no idea what a sucker I was for Halloween. That’s the night two study buddies hung out with no books involved. We carved the most awesome pumpkin. Ever. (Ok, he basically carved it while I yapped away and marveled at how intricate he was getting with the details.) He carved a headless butler, it was unbelievable. I’d give anything if we had a picture of that first pumpkin.

Little did I know, eight years later we would still be carving pumpkins together. I know everyone likes the tradition of carving pumpkins at Halloween, but I guess for us it’s a little more than that. Just a little reminder of who we were: two young college kids, staying up late working on projects, cramming together for tests, sitting together in my little apartment studying Structures over a plate of brownies.

Every time I see the glow of a jack-o-lantern I think back to that night. Each year we look forward to the pumpkin. We decide on a design together and Mr. BEY works his magic in the details. Once he’s close to being finished, he won’t let me peek. Then, he’ll turn off all the lights and light the candle inside for the “reveal”. We just sit there and watch the flame flicker for just a bit. A special moment shared together each Halloween.

Here’s to many more pumpkins, Mr. Blue Eyed Yonder. Happy Halloween everyone!

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Halloween Parfait

Who says all Halloween treats have to be bad for you?

I was looking for a fun way to bring some Halloween colors into breakfast and decided on a black and white striped parfait. I spied these very dark colored dried raspberries in the bulk section at Whole Foods. Add a little pop of orange and voila!

Photos by {Blue Eyed Yonder}
Halloween Parfait
Vanilla Yogurt
Honey Granola
Dried Raspberries
Clementine (for garnish)
Layer the ingredients in a small glass and garnish with a slice of clementine.

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Pumpkin Waffles

Photos by {Blue Eyed Yonder}
If you want your kitchen to be filled with the most wonderful aroma of baked pumpkin – make these pumpkin waffles! The house smelled so delicious and warm, the kind of morning where you just want to put on some fuzzy socks and curl up with a mug of hot chocolate.
We used this recipe from Smitten Kitchen, however substituted regular milk for buttermilk. We gave the waffles a little black and white Halloween flair with fresh blackberries and dollop of whipped cream. Delish!

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Mr. Blue Eyed Yonder and I picked out some of the most gorgeous heirloom pumpkins to display around our front door this year. We went to the farmer’s market with the full intention of buying regular bright orange pumpkins, but after spying these beauties, we couldn’t resist.
I am just fascinated by the intricate colored veins of this pumpkin. I love getting real close to it and just staring.

Now, call me crazy, but I can’t help but think that the stem of this pumpkin looks just like Roadrunner (the cartoon). I see the neck, eyes, beak and even feathers on its head. Somebody please tell me you see it  too.

In addition to the pumpkins, we added another ‘heirloom’ piece to our display – a vintage black and white chippy paint chair. I bought this chair during our trip to Virginia. I’m sure people thought I was crazy for buying a chair with no seat and the roughest paint job ever, but it’s perfect to me. I love looking at the worn layers of paint. It’s so beautifully distressed. I wouldn’t change one thing about it. I don’t even think I want to add a seat.

Photos by {Blue Eyed Yonder}

I’d love to see what fun decorations you have out this Fall. If you’ve posted pictures of your fancy-work online, shoot me the link in the comment section.

Have a safe and happy weekend!

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