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cried “wee, wee, wee” all the way home…

I’m pretty much convinced that time moves at warp speed when you’re on vacation. When you think of having an entire week off, it really sounds like a long time – fill that week with lots of lounging, swimming, laughing, eating and reading… and the week flies by.
As I start a new week, I’m ready to tackle my flooded inbox, jump back into some home projects and busy myself checking off other things on my “don’t want to do list”. However, I’m sure my mind will drift back to the lazy days and fun memories of our vacation.
Like rocking on the balcony of our cute little beach house…
laying in the sun and have this for a view…

laughing with my sisters and watching them create fun beach braids…

discovering wild looking sea creatures…
holding wacky pool contests, like longest handstand and wildest swim stroke…

waking up to eat the best breakfast ever at the Donut Hole…
relaxing with an ice cold lemon & blood orange sorbet smoothie from San Gelato Cafe… 
and listening to the wind blow through the palm trees as we said goodnight to the moon.

Just a few things I’m sure I’ll drift back to this week. How about you? What will you day dream about this week?

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Guest Post: Little Green Jar

Well guys, we’ve reached the end of our week of guest posts and to wrap things up Heather has a sweet DIY to share. Heather runs the new blog, Little Green Jar, where she shares yummy recipes, crafts and other fun stuff. She’s a Southern gal bringing a little Southern charm to her new digs in Pennsylvania and in my opinion, they’re lucky to have her. {wink wink}  
When life gives you beige…

When I was in college I had a fabulous porch at my apartment.  My mom, being the wonderful woman she is, bought me two chairs and a little table.  After about a week the little table broke.  I was pretty sad about it but I knew my mom could fix it.  Enter, zip ties and pretty rope.  Viola my little table was fixed and a little more colorful!  Yes that pinkish rope used to be red!

This year we decided we wanted to spend more time on the patio of our townhouse.  We went to Lowes and bought two black chairs.  I set them up on the patio with the beige table and it was so bland!  Back to Lowe’s I went to purchase Spray paint!  I could fix that bland table with a few sprays from a can!

I purchased the following:
1. Painters tape – to protect the glass top
2. Metal Primer – to ensure the paint will stick
3. Spray Paint in Exotic Sea
4. Glass Paint to stripe the top
I taped off the glass with the painters tape.

I sprayed the table with the metal primer

I waited for that to dry and then sprayed 2 coats of the Exotic Sea

After I let the Blue paint dry I took off the blue tape.

I decided to put a cute red design on the glass top with glass paint. That was somewhat of a disaster and did not stick so I will not hurt your eyes with that!

After scraping the red disaster off the top I decided to see what the finished product would look like in its new setting.

I think its a pretty cute place to enjoy a sunny day! Too bad today it is 55 and cloudy! So I guess the point of all this is: When Lowe’s gives you beige, they also give you blue spray paint!

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Guest Post: Our Old Southern House

Homemade laundry detergent. Yep, that’s how I first got hooked on Natalie’s blog, Our Old Southern House. From award winning jams and jellies at the county fair, to the complete renovation and restoration of a 135-year old house, Natalie is one of those women that make you ask, “how does she do all of that?” She’s a magnificent wife, mother and lover of all things old-fashioned. She’s recently put her talents to work making towels, coasters and pot holders to raise money for her family’s upcoming adoption. Hop on over to her blog, read her story and share some bloggin’ love!


My name is Natalie and I run a little blog called Our Old Southern House. And if there is one thing you need to know about me, it is this: I am an antiques junkie.

antique market.  porch day 1.  americus-albany_0042

It’s an addiction I’ve had for the last 18 years.

antique market.  porch day 1.  americus-albany_0026

What that that meant is that my grandmother’s basement was so crammed full of stored antiques that it looked like a furniture store before we finally moved into our 135-year old house a few years ago. Thankfully our new old place has five bedrooms and lots of extra space. Living room? Check. Parlor? Check. Sleeping Porch? Check. Extra kitchen upstairs? Check. Which translates into us having a lot of antiques.

antique market.  porch day 1.  americus-albany_0043

I digress.

antique market.  porch day 1.  americus-albany_0032

What I’m getting to is this: we are always on the hunt for a great antiques market. Growing up we went to Lakewood {if you’re local you might remember it} every month for years. And then they closed it so they could do movies there. So, we settled on Scotts, but since I’m a cheap skate, we only do its outside market {though we do sneak in for the Greek food…yum!}. Five years ago though my life was changed when we discovered the Metrolina in Charlotte, NC. It’s a monthly antiques market that holds a Spectacular every April and October. It’s the highlight of my spring.

antique market.  porch day 1.  americus-albany_0033
This year my husband, mother, dad, and myself all piled into the truck to make the drive north {you know I must love antiques when I willingly sit in a teeny-tiny backseat for over six hours in one day!}. We went armed with $200 and and a desire to find the perfect chifferobe for the new nursery {we’re paper pregnant right now–meaning we’re adopting}.
antique market.  porch day 1.  americus-albany_0035
Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans, right?
antique market.  porch day 1.  americus-albany_0027

Yep, no chifferobe. But the other treasures? Fabulous.

antique market.  porch day 1.  americus-albany_0037

Six perfect pearl duck buttons for the new baby.

antique market_0007

A 1950s ironing board for my favorite two year old.

antique market.  porch day 1.  americus-albany_0039

A printers drawer to act as a shelf in the nursery.

antique market.  porch day 1.  americus-albany_0038

An alabaster lamp for there too {I LOVE alabaster lamps and have a huge collection of them. This one was only $20.}

antique market

A 1960s hard hat for a certain man in my life who wears hard hats on a daily basis. I guess this makes him a hard hat connoisseur?

antique market.  porch day 1.  americus-albany_0030

A 60+ year old dress for my vintage frock-loving girl.

antique market_0006

And the piece de resistance–this beautiful, though worn, Victorian leather settee.

antique market_0001

It needs work I know–I mean, who wants to sit on horse hair? But after some TLC from our favorite re-upholsterer and some new funky fabric for the seat {I’m leaving the back and all that great leather}, I think it’s going to be perfect for our parlor. I can just picture taking it out the backyard and having our family portrait made with it next year.

antique market_0002

And all for less than $200. Not bad at all.

That’s the beauty of an antique market: there is something for everyone and their budget as long as you’re willing to hunt for it.

BEY, thanks so much for letting me stop by and chat. I had a blast.

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Guest Post: The Dainty Woods

Get your crafting gloves on, we’ve got a fun DIY today. Chelsea, one of the most creative and crafty people I know, runs the adorable blog The Dainty Woods and recently took the plunge and started selling her hand-crafted goodies full time. Her creations and beautiful free spirit always make my heart smile. I just know you’ll love her too! Without further ado, I’ll let Miss Chelsea take it away!


Well hello, BEY readers! I was so flattered when Krista asked me share a guest post with you guys. It took me while to make up my mind on what exactly I wanted to share with you. Then it hit me!

Among many things, Krista and I share a love for this delicious smelling candle. It’s from Anthropologie (you sold already?) and it’s called Volcano. This year, they started making it in a pretty mercury glass jar. That mercury glass seems to be everywhere right now, but it’s usually a little more than I want to spend. Here’s a little DIY on making your own mercury glass- a project with pretty results and practically no costs.

Things you’ll need:

  1. A jar, vase, or glass that you want to make purdy. I started with a smoky colored glass that I bought at the thrift store for 95 cents, but you can always use any clear glass/ vase/ jar you have around the house.
  2. A spray bottle filled with water. This is free if you already have one for your naughty-couch-clawin-kitty
  3. Metallic spray paint in the color of your choice. I used Rust-oleum’s Specialty Metallic spray paint in gold. Martha says to use Krylon’s Looking Glass/ Mirror spray paint. I’m sure either one’s just fine.
  4. Old newspaper or magazine pages. Thank you Urban Outfitters for your lovely catalogs.
  5. Masking tape.
  6. Drying rack.
  7. Good music. You can’t start a project without music to keep you company. I chose Iron + Wine and Lisa Hannigan.
Make sure that your glass is clean.
You only want the spray paint inside the glass. Cover the outside with paper and masking tape to protect it from the spray paint. [I left a little bit of the rim exposed on purpose.]
With your spray bottle, spray the inside of the glass with water. Note: Don’t be afraid to be generous with the water. The end results are better if your water drops very in sizes and shapes. [At least I wish I had done this]*  

Immediately, spray the inside of your glass with your metallic spray paint.

Now that you’ve finished with the spray paint, place your glass upside down on a drying rack. This is so that the air circulates inside the glass.

Now go waste some time on Pinterest or watch a movie while it dries.

Once it’s completely dry, remove the tape and paper from the glass. You did it!

Now you can put a little votive candle in the glass and enjoy your new ambiance! [You could take this project even further and make your own candle by following this tutorial.]

* If you realize that you didn’t spray enough water and your droplets were too small, you can always do the following:

Before it’s completely dry, take your finger and lightly rub it inside against the little bubbles. You’ll be rubbing some of the spray paint off and making those bubbles [now splotches] a little bigger.

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Guest Post: Homemade Grits

You know those people that just steal your heart from the moment you meet them? Well, Leslie is that kind of girl. We met at lavish! and have stayed connected through our blogs ever since. She’s fabulously creative and is currently working on a fun office space revamp that’s sure to knock our socks off. I just know you’ll love her as much as I do.


hello! my name is lesley, you can also find me here. i am so honored to be guest posting for krista today as we all send her a big, collective bon voyage! i love reading this beautiful blog as i’m sure you do too! i thought and thought about what to share with you all and i know that krista is a lover of flea markets and all things old so i thought i would tell to you all about my hunt for the perfect botanicals! get excited. i’ve searched ebay and etsy high and low to find the perfect vintage prints. i have this long hall way with a lovely fuse box at the end that i’m wanting to cover up with either a triptych of botanical prints (like the beautiful image above) or a big pull down botanical chart. sadly, this beauty was already snatched up. i’m also cool with reproductions (read: what i can afford) and new art like these light and airy illustrations i found here. the only problem is that these are a bit too small.

the whole art of hunting for just the perfect gem is the thrill of the chase (and hopefully catch), right? i’m looking forward to an adult outing soon to scott’s or lakewood with hours on end to look for the perfect wall hanging for my naked hall…

are you searching for something?

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