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Mind Your Own Business {cards}

Last weekend at lavish!, I knew there would be tons of business card swapping. There was just one teensy problem… it was the night before lavish! and I didn’t have any cards! Okay, okay let “tsk-tsk-ing” begin. I knew I needed cards, I knew I wanted cards, I just let time slip away from me and never ordered any.
So, in my last-minute DIY nature, I decided to make some. Yes, they would look homemade and yes, they might not be as snazzy as some other cards at the conference, but what else could a girl do at the eleventh hour?
I was a little hesitant about handing them out, but when the first person exclaimed,
“Where did you get these cards!”
I knew all would be well in my handmade world. It goes without saying… you are your own worst critic. If anything, it taught me to be a little more confident in my work. Yes, handmade is not for everone, but there are still people out there that appreciate the love and hardwork that goes into handmade pieces.

I don’t think I could have ordered a card that was more “me”. I just love the colors and the wood grain texture on the back of the card. I have to thank my fabulous husband for the rounded corners. He was my handsome corner clipper that night.

So, if you got one of these cards at lavish!, know that you now have a little piece of me. Shoot me an email or drop me a line, I would love to continue to connect with you fab ladies.

And while we’re at it, wanna see my secret little photo prop?

A soft, sweet marshmallow. I taped this little guy down and used him to prop up the business cards as I took pictures.

Photos by: KHJ

On a chair, in my living room, in front of a window. It doesn’t get more real than that. What last minute wonders have you created? I know you guys probably have some great fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants-moments to share.

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On the 1st day of Christmas…

my Moma gave to me…
If there is one person I can thank for my “crafty gene,” it’s my Moma. She never ceases to amaze me. She works a full-time, super stressful job as a nurse, raises my sweet little sister as a single parent, and STILL has time to do sweet things for others. Mom is a giver. Simply put, that is her love language. She sits in her craft room for hours on end fine-tuning each and every detail of her gifts. Her creativity is always so inspiring.
When I opened this box, a happy feeling just swept over me. I know this sounds odd to say, but it just made me feel special. Kind of like my heart was bubbling up inside me and I was afraid of opening my mouth for fear of all the love gushing out.

Photos by: KHJ

Just knowing how busy she is, how many other things she has on her mind, yet she stopped to take the time to think of me. It is this feeling, this selfless display of love that makes me realize why gift-giving is so special. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, it just has to come from the heart.

Stay tuned for more of Moma’s 12 Days of Christmas.

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Dolce Vita’s Ornament Swap

Image via Dolce Vita
With Christmas right around the corner, I know everyone’s calendars are packed with office parties, family shin-digs and get-togethers with the gals. My calendar is no different, loads of fun packed into this December month. I even made time for a few online gatherings, including Dolce Vita’s Ornament Swap.
I was paired with the lovely Emily Quairel of Rue de France. You should have seen me when I found out my ornament partner lived in France. I nearly lept out of my chair with excitement! Having visited France for the first time earlier this year, my heart still skips a beat at the mere mention of that beautiful place.
You can imagine the smile on my face with I found this package in my mail box. A dainty little package from Annecy, France. Sigh….

Emily included the sweetest note and these two felt ornaments from a marketplace in Budapest no less. A beautiful gift from Budapest via my new buddy in France… I feel so worldly!

This ornament swap was so much fun and gave me the opportunity to reach out to another blogger that I otherwise might not have known. Now I have a new friend in France that has invited me for tea and croissants. Little does she know, I just might take her up on that offer.
And just to show you the love goes both ways, here are the ornaments I sent Emily: a bright and cheery Shiny Brite ornament and the cutest vintage elf that you have ever seen.

Photos by: KHJ

Thanks Micaela for putting this whole ornament swap together. I know it was a lot of work, but totally worth it!

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Lavish Ladies

So, this is pretty much what my weekend looked like…

Can you even imagine? A weekend full of the most inspiring and oh-so-stylish women of the lifestyle blogging world at lavish! Oh yeah, notice anything familiar in this collage? Yep, it’s yours truly. (Hanging out 1st column 3rd down.) Just wanted you to see me surrounded by my newest bloggy friends. There was seriously so much talent packed into one place. I am still decompressing all of the fabulous things I learned this weekend and hope to share tid bits with you later. But first…
I was lucky enough to meet and hang out with these lavish ladies (pictured from left to right):
Cassandra Lavelle of Coco+kelley is just a busy body and full of joy. When she is not busy working on her blog or fulfilling her duties at Rue Magazine, she is the home merchandiser for Anthropologie. One lucky chick, wouldn’t you say?
Dawn Del Russo of Bella Dawn is the queen of high fashion. She owns a boutique in New Jersey and has recently started putting her fashion tip videos on YouTube. She was so eager to share tips and help out in any way.
Ginny Branch Stelling of My Favorite Color is Shiny and member of the Design*Sponge team with her column What’s In Your Toolbox. I first fell in love with Ginny when I saw her wedding on OnceWed. I had no idea at the time who she was, I just knew she was amazing. She oozes character and great style.
Shameeka Ayers is THE Broke Socialite and founder of Lavish. If there is one word to use to describe Shameeka – transparent. That girl wears her heart on her sleeve and I love her for it!
Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge makes my heart smile. She is the definition of humble, which makes her a pure joy to be around. So much talent, so much success, yet she acts like your best bud. Love that about you Grace.
Crystal Gentilello Editor of Rue Magazine and Plush Palate is such an inspiring gal. She took a leap of faith and started Rue Magazine (and boy oh boy am I glad that she did). She shared with us Rue’s beginnings and the fun stuff they have in store.
Mrs. BEY – Ok, I know you know me. Just wanted you to know I was grinning just like this mug shot the entire conference.
Ashely Meaders of I Make Stuff and member of FlashDance. I have tons of pictures I gather for inspiration. I didn’t realize until AFTER this conference that many of the pics were of Ashley’s creations. Needless to say I am a huge fan!
Anne Sage Editor of Rue Magazine and The City Sage. First of all, she totally caught my eye with her awesome glasses. She knows style and is not afraid of it! She’s got talent out the wazoo and pours it into all of her projects.
Jeralyn Gerba of Daily Candy spends her time roaming the streets of New York looking for that amazing new restaurant, the hottest new stores and the sweetest deals. Talk about an amazing job!
Camille Styles of Style Notes is a total sweetheart. When she is not busy updating her awesome blog, she is probably out styling events for her clients.
Bri Emery of DesignLoveFest and graphic designer for Rue Magazine – hold on to your chair, the fashion window is about to explode! Bri has the most eclectic taste and just fills the room with a sense of coolness. Get to know her a little bit and you will find that she’s also a downright hoot! Love, love this girl.
There were tons and tons of awesome people at the conference, I hope to share more about some of the talented attendees I met soon. Happy Hump Day!

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Holiday Shopping Guide

I had one of those “You know you’re a blogger when…” moments. My family asked me what kind of things I wanted for Christmas and I sent them this…

Anthro Dotty Match Pot Holders; Etsy Number Pillow;  Farmer’s Egg Crate; Vintage Bingo Game; Etsy Recycled Notebook; Mastering the Art of French Cooking; Anthro Dotty Match Apron; Etsy Vintage Floral Tin; Etsy Vintage Egg Basket; Etsy Ruffled Camera Strap; Creative, Inc.;  Anthro New Growth Bib Necklace

Yes, a Christmas list “inspiration board.” When I was roaming around bookmarking things that I liked, I had no idea they would all look so pretty paired together. I must have mustard and aqua on the brain. The wish-list was just too pretty not to share with you. Hope you like it!

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