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The Best Gifts Are Handmade

If there is one thing more fun than giving a gift, it’s giving a handmade gift! I know in this day and age, it is much quicker to run up to Wally World, grab something off the shelf, speed through the check out and throw it in a gift bag. But I like to hope that there are others out there, like myself, that appreciate the time, effort and love put into handmade items.

To celebrate all things handmade and to welcome a new bundle into this world, I stitched up this nursing cover for my dear friend Shea. She welcomed baby #2 into the world yesterday.

I’ve seen several different nursing covers out there in babyland, however I decided they were all just a little too plain for my taste. I love ruffles, I love frills, I love buttons! So I set out to make Shea’s little Butterbean something unique: a nursing cover that fits the bill for all the practical purposes, yet with a good dousing of hand-crafted charm.

A delicate polka-dotted ruffle lines the hem of the cover, while a bright hand-stitched zinnia dances in the corner. Each petal was hand-cut and a load of little buttons brighten up the flower’s center. Perfect!

I can’t wait to meet Miss Butterbean. Ok, I guess I have to stop calling her that. She actually has a name now – Colleen. Hmmm… Colleen the Butterbean. I like the sound of that.

Best wishes to the happy family!

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Sew Homegrown Guest Post

Skip on over to Sew Homegrown today for my DIY guest post.

I’ll take you step by step through the process of building new upholstered chair bottoms and share some fun before and after photos. Watch out, this girl has power tools!

Posted 9/2/10, Topic: Blog

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