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Cartoon Romance

Sometimes you find something special hidden where you’d least expect it. In this case, that something special was found in this beautiful cartoon created by StoryCorps.

Now, I know you stumble upon many videos and stories out there in blogland and skim right past them because there is just so much other stuff to see, but I encourage you to take just five minutes to watch this special creation. You see, it’s not just a cartoon or a parable wrapped up in a tidy bow. It’s a story of two real people, told in their own words, in their own voices.

Real. Raw. Heartwarming. Heartbreaking. What a beautiful way to recount a love story.

Danny and Annie from StoryCorps on Vimeo.

So tell me, am I just a sap or did this video get to you too?

Posted 9/29/10, Topic: Blog

Only Two Weeks To Go

I still can’t believe I am typing this…only two more weeks to go! I am getting more and more excited with each passing day. How excited you ask? Sometimes while sitting at my desk, I think of the beauty and adventures to come and silently clap the palms of my hands real fast (kind of like a giddy squirrel). Other times I look out the window and imagine myself soaking up the Provencal sun and do a little speedy tip-toe dance (like a nerd that just scored an A+ on a math test).

Photo by: Tec Petaja

So in the next two weeks, in honor of our trip, our love and upcoming anniversary, I’ll have some super sappy posts for you. So grab some tissues, bust out the bon bons and your favorite pair of old sweats and be prepared for some I love “love” sighs, maybe some tears and of course lots of swoon-worthy photos.

Posted 9/24/10, Topic: Blog

Gone junkin’

Remember a while back, when I showed you these adorable vintage buttons given to me by my sweet friend Shea? She found these buttons at Cottontail Cottage, one of her all time favorite places to browse. Lucky for her, she lives out in the country and only a hop away from this precious little gem of a store. Because she lives so close to this store, I like to think of her as my ‘country legs’. She gets to browse their treasures on a regular basis and can always fill me in what new items pop up.
One day, she gave me a call about a gardening sink. A beautiful, old wooden cabinet with a metal top and a vintage porcelain sink basin. On my next trip out the the ‘country’ I just had to stop by the infamous Cottontail Cottage to take a peek.
Yeah, to the average Joe she might not look like much, but I fell for her…and fell hard. I love the distressed, worn wood, signs of lots of use and love from previous generations.
This little treasure now sits happily on my back patio, covered with plants and gardening tools. I can’t wait for next spring. She will come in handy when potting plants and making fresh bouquets. I don’t have a snazzy picture of her in her new home, but if you look past my Mister and the naked version of Lucy, you can see her sitting pretty. (Oh, and notice the blue splashes of vintage graniteware? Yep, that’s my latest adventure. I plan to eventually arrange some vintage pots and wash pans on the wall above the new sink. Lovin’ it.)
Big hug to Shea for being my ‘country legs’ and continuing to keep her eyes peeled for me. I love the Cottontail Cottage. Good thing I don’t live closer, my pocket book would be in danger.

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Late Bloomer

When I pulled into my driveway, something in my landscaping bed caught my eye. At first I thought it might be a small piece of paper trash that got stuck in the greenery. I sat in the car and squinted my eyes…is that…could it be…no, it couldn’t be…a gardenia bloom? 
Yes, a precious and perfect gardenia bloom. I think someone forgot to tell this sweet little gardenia that it’s September. All of its other gardenia friends came and went this past summer. But this little gem held out. It decided to bloom when it got good and darn ready. I’m glad she waited. She got all of my attention, so spoiled that one. 
I am convinced there is no greater smell on earth. I plopped myself down and just inhaled the delicate perfume. I checked the other plants and there were no other buds. This beauty will surely be the last one before winter. I tried my best to savor it.
Photos by: CMJ

Posted 9/20/10, Topic: Blog

Re-Membering Barbie

I could recognize those eyes anywhere… those little pursed lips, those tiny little ears and permanently tip-toed feet. As a child, I would hold her face about 2 inches away from mine and memorize each and every detail. Each face slightly different. As you can imagine, when I saw this…

…a flood of memories came rushing back. I was transported to the floor of our basement playroom. Orange shag carpet, light filtering in from the single window, the floor littered with dozens of naked Barbies. My sister and I would mosey down there and just plop ourselves in the middle of the madness. We had a large wicker basket that resembled a treasure chest with a hinged lid. That was where the Barbies were supposed to live. However, they seemed to be more comfortable just sleeping on the furry carpet.

We had a huge cardboard under-the-bed storage type box that was just bursting with doll clothes. From ballgowns to bikinis, some of the most fun was sifting through that box looking for the perfect outfit or trying to find that other pesky hot pink high heel.

We could never remember whose Barbie was whose, so lots of the time we would ‘auction’ them off before playing.  Sounds complicated, but it usually consisted of me trying to convince my little sister that the Barbie with the squooshed-on head or the sticky rubber band in her hair was ‘pretty’ and that she would really like playing with her. (Oh the things big sisters do, and oh the things sweet little sisters fall for. Hopefully there are no hard feelings Katie. I was six, and bossy and almost impossible to play with.)
Our Barbies lived the most adventurous life. We would take them diving in our swimming pool, style their hair with bows three times the size of their heads, and even smear them in peanut butter to make them look like creepy monsters. I know, I know…that one’s a little over the top.  

So, as you see, our day-to-day lives as little kiddos were inundated with Barbies. That’s why I fell head over heels with Margaux Lange’s whimsical recreations of this classic toy. I want one of each!
And before you ask…yes, yes, that is Miss Barbie’s bust, which makes quite a beautiful heart if you ask me. Clever, Margaux, real clever. 
And Ken…oh, Ken. I think we all had a crush on you at some point. I wish I had this necklace to wear over my heart. Thump, thump.

I know most of you have some fun Barbie memories hidden up there in your noggin. Pull ’em out, dust ’em off, I’d love to hear all about it.

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