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Threads of the Past: Part I

“Love is a fabric which never fades” – Anonymous
I’ve had a very special project in the works for quite some time. I have been working with a bride to design custom fabric flowers for her wedding day. These aren’t just any fabric flowers, the bride chose to incorporate beautiful pieces of fabric from both her mom and grandmother’s wedding dress.
Prior to snipping and clipping away at these very special fabrics, I wanted to document their stand-alone beauty. To do this I called in the help of some very talented photographers, my dear sweet husband and my oh-so-talented sister.
I always enjoy looking at their work and their interpretations of light. I love the way the light dances within the fabric threads, you can just feel the warmth and the history.
The first three photos were taken by my husband, Chris (a.k.a. Mr. Blue Eyed Yonder). He is great at capturing photos in their true light, maximizing the subjects natural beauty.
The last three photos were taken by my sister, Katie. She loves to let the light play with the lens, often yielding warm, dream-like photos.
Stay tuned…I’ll be back soon with the second half of this project. More history, more stories and yes, more pictures.

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Oh Camellia

If you’ve never been thrilled to the very edges of your soul by a flower in spring bloom, maybe your soul has never been in bloom.  ~Terri Guillemets

Photos by: KHJ

Flowers are by far one of my favorite things to photograph, such humble and polite subjects. These precious blooms belong to a grand camellia bush just outside my Dad’s back door.

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A Hidden Gem: Blue Willow Inn

Saturday night we were in for a real treat. We decided to skip on over to the famous Blue Willow Inn for dinner.  The Blue Willow Inn is located in the heart of the adorable town of Social Circle and is just a short drive from my Dad’s house.  I had no idea that such an amazing little restaurant was just around the corner. The drive there was just as amazing. We all enjoyed taking in the scenery along the country roads: farmland, historic houses, budding trees, blooming daffodils and an amazing setting sun.

“You may only think you’ve died and gone to heaven when you confront the cream-brick Greek Revival mansion with its wide portico porch and Corinthian white columns, enter the grand hall bedecked with antique furnishings and crystal chandeliers, sit at a table adorned with blue willow pattern china and fresh flowers, and treat yourself to a sumptuous meal of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, collard greens, cornbread, fried green tomatoes, sweet iced tea and banana pudding.” – Atlanta Journal Constitution

The weather that evening was perfect. There was the slightest breeze as we sat outside waiting on our table enjoying the last rays of the setting sun. Of course I took this time to snap some photos of the beautiful scenery.

The hostess was very gracious and offered all waiting guests fresh lemonade and the cozy rockers on the front porch were all a-rockin’.

The architecture, both inside and out, was very stately while still maintaining that warm Southern charm.  The fountain bubbled and splashed in the sunlight, while the chandelier sparkled above the chatter of guests and the clinking sound of china.

Of course no meal would be complete without a delicious, ice cold sweet tea, the “champagne of the South”

Photos by KHJ 

Sadly the camera’s battery died before dessert. There was a smathering of desserts to choose from, but my favorite had to be the Blue Willow Bars. It reminded me of a cream cheese blondie, extra rich and extra delicious.

If you are ever in the area or just in the mood for some good Southern cookin’ be sure to check out this hidden gem, just be sure to arrive hungry!

(Tip: Prices are much lower on weeknights and during lunch.) 

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Surprise! It’s a Backyard Picnic

Yesterday was such a beautiful day. While driving home from work with sunroof open and some good tunes blaring, an idea hit me…we should have a picnic! Mr. Blue Eyed Yonder had a long day with all of the shenanagins associated with this project interview, so I decided to surprise him with a sweet, simple backyard picnic. The wheels started turning: where are those old sleeping bags…there’s the box of half-used votive candles…flowers would be nice…and some good wine…maybe even a fire in our new ‘fire urn’…hmmm, meatball subs sound good! I quickly ran into Harry’s Farmers Market to pick up the supplies and then rushed home to whip the picnic together before he got home from the interview. (He ended up getting home before things were ready so I sent him up to the bedroom to chill out while I finished up.)
He was so surprised by all the sweet little touches and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. There is just something about eating on a blanket that makes things feel so much more spontaneous and fun, makes me never want to go back to the table. We enjoyed our dinner, spread out on the blankets and just watched the clouds roll by and eventually the stars started popping out. It was the first picnic we have ever had at our house. Whoever knew such a fun, romantic evening could be found in your own backyard.
Here’s to many more happy backyard picnics!

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They Can’t Eat You

Today was a big day for Mr. Blue Eyed Yonder.  He was part of an interview team at work for an exciting potential project. If awarded this project, it will be the first in which he will serve as Superintendent, a big step and a great opportunity.

I wanted him to have a happy morning and start the day off right, so I decided to wake up extra early and surprise him with breakfast.

My boss recently told me that his Dad never gets nervous in interviews or presentations because he always says to himself, “What’s the worse that can happen? They can’t eat you!” I thought that was such a funny story and a great way to put things in perspective.  I wanted to put a smile on Mr. Blue Eyed Yonder’s face and give him that little extra boost of courage. I knew that little reminder sticking out of a hot bowl of oatmeal would do just the trick.

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