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Is that a banana in your pocket…

Or are you just happy it’s Friday!
You gotta love the adorable faces of Chiquita Banana’s new ad campaign. They have totally revamped their website, making it fun and interactive. I remember recently buying some bananas and being shocked to see the most adorable little banana face staring back at me…how cute!
This caused me to dive into a little vintage inspired banana art…
And of course one good websearch leads to another. I had fun discovering lots of banana inspired art work: some cute, some funny, and some downright creepy.

“Banana Box Chandelier” courtesy of Apartment Therapy.

So what inspired this banana-crazed Friday? Last night while waiting for my sweet hubby to come home I decided to do a little cleaning in the kitchen. I saw some rather sad looking bananas in the fruit bowl and was just about to toss them when my ever-so-thrify-self decided to make some delicious banana bread. Yum-yum!

Warm, lovely banana bread, a great little surprise after a long hard day. Have a happy weekend!

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